First Commercial bid, could use some help. i have a few ????

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    Okay this will be my 2nd season in the business and my 1st season going for the bigger commercial accounts. I actually had a company call ME and asked if I was interested so I had them send me all the info, which I have attached. I don’t want to bother them and make myself seem unknowledgeable about the simple things so I knew you guys could hopefully help me out.

    First they sent me a list of 26 properties they are gas stations that are nice (and have a pretty good amount of landscaping with them, not to much grass though.) But they said I can only bid on 4 of them, 10 of them had ** next to them which meant that those sites need the bids the most which leads me to my question.

    Should I bid on only the ones that they said need the bids the most? Even though they are out of my was as opposed to some of the other locations that don’t have stars by they are close by my regular route anyways? And they did tell me that im allowed to bid on any of them.

    2nd they had estimated for each property to be around $300 which I though is a great price for each property, should I bid under that 300 or over it, or try to keep it around $300 cause they did say it was only an estimate, not a maximum bid allowed?

    3rd. since everything is on a weekly price does that mean that the mulch and trimming and those things are already included in that price for the year, I mean that’s how it seems to me but I just wanted to make sure, cause when I have done a contract before with a buddy those things were listed separate and billed separate?

    Thanks for any help with this and I really appreciate all you guys helping out younger ones, this site has really been my whole foundation of my business.

    i have attached what they sent me

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    these questions you are asking are not for us to answer but your customer.

    sometimes a contract will read to provide everything.

    When I do bids I always do everything, this sometimes forces me to provide 2 and sometimes more bids on the same area.

    If your not sure what your doing, Dont do it.
    I noticed you said nothing about liability. not sure if you have ever worked in a crouded place such as a fuel station. But it can take several hours just to do a small area. " to many people comming and going"

    LAst bid I did, that had multi addresses, the co. wanted 50,000.00 in workers comp.
    we simply couldn't afford that.

    as per your Question about the other sits, YES, always bid on everything.

    Good luck and keep us posted
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    It is really up to you which ones you bid on. Yes, you may have a better shot at getting the ones that need the bids, but be sure to include your travel time if you bid on the properties farther away.

    I would keep the $300.00 in the back of my mind, but I would go look at the property and figure exactly what I could do it for, and then submit my bid for that amount.

    It appears that by what you have posted for us to look at that you will be responsible for all materials such as herbicides, insecticides, mulch, fertilizer, etc. However, I would not hesitate to call and ask them if I had any questions regarding anything prior to submitting my bids. Each commercial account will do things a little differently. If you are responsible for everything, be sure to include this when you figure your annual costs for doing each site.
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    thank you i contacted them today and am still waiting for a reply also about the insurance i didnt realize that i had to have all of those things such as workmens comp etc... i only have regular business liability insurance and i dont believe that is good enough, so i may just have to pass this one on by this time.

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