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First commercial bid


LawnSite Member
Hey guys, later this week I have an appointment with a local developer to get specifications on one of his new large subdivisions. I've done only residential so far and am a little nervous so I want to do this right. From the way he sounded on the phone he does'nt have a contract yet. The contract will be maintenance on the entrance way, a common area, including around a lake and a small walking path. Also, it will include bed maintenance which I have done before while working for someone else, but I have never bid on it before. Other than familiarizing myself with the property so far, what else should I bring to the appointment. Do I bring a copy of my business insurance? Please let me know.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Martinsville, IN
I would bring a copy of your insurance just incase the topic comes up. It should help your potential customer rest assure. I have two commercial sites to visit myself this week.

J Hisch

LawnSite Bronze Member
Evansville IN
No dont bring Insurance cert. inform him if you receive the job you can fax it to him. as far as bidding the bedding maintenance since you have done it before, then you know how long it takes. bid at your minimum hourly rate.

Keith Howells

LawnSite Member
Cumming, GA
Just a word to the wise.....

Be very careful with the developer. He is all about cost control and doing the most for the least. That's not necessarily bad, from his standpoint, but it does mean you need to be on top of your game. Know your costs and prices and be prepared to walk. Also, be prepared to wait for payment regardless of whether you have terms spelled out in your contract or not.

There are several good threads on others experiences with builders. In my opinion, they are on a par with HOA's and I personally avoid them like the plague. It's low margin business with slow payment.

As far as the insurance certificate is concerned, do what you feel like. If he needs it, fax it to him. If you hand it to him without asking, it may make you appear too eager. Just a thought.