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Middle Tennessee
Based on my research the Ferris Walk Behinds look pretty good, my dealer sells a 36inch FW25 with a Kawasaki for $4,700. My first and current mower is a 60inch Hustler XONEi, I was able to get it with 375 hours for $4000, $8000-9000 if I’m not mistaken. I would definitely look at finding a used mower on marketplace or craigslist from a legit seller. There are definitely deals to be had.

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Richmond, VA
When we were starting our business, putting together all the paperwork, etc. We had a Business Owner in the Landscaping / Lawn Care field tell us.

"Just go and get 0% on a new Commercial Mower, you will never look back"

We ended up going to our dealer, getting 0% on a 36" Wright Stander, for $8500.00.

Payment: $180.00 / Month

Best decision ever made. We are looking into getting another one next year.

I couldn't imagine doing what we have done without it.

But on that note, we had a strict plan and goals on what we wanted to make, how we were going to get there, etc.

At the end of the day $180.0/ Month isn't anything, lol. Basically 1 weekly client paid for it, if you want to look at it that way.
I second this I got a 36” stander B this year and it’s been pretty good other than a tire that is constantly going flat. The payment on mine is only like $130/mo. I pay more but it’s hard to beat the 0% and have peace of mind.


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Upstate NY
As long as you can handle the payments over the winter I don't see any negatives in taking advantage of zero percent finance. I also now forecast my revenue to be where every job including weeklies is a biweekly one, to take summer drought into account.

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Here in the south I like the 32" Toro walk behind and I use Walker riders but not cheap but the best...few thousand less would be a Exmark...side discharge or bag...half the price to start is a 42" Toro Timecutter....yes a homeowner model but will get the job done untill you grow...


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SW Michigan
If you’ve ever networked with local LCOs in your area, they might be able to recommend a well-maintained used commercial machine. It’s all a matter of being able to trust your referral source. Like any piece of equipment, if it’s for sale, it could be at the end of its useful life or you might find a good value where someone is trying to upgrade and there’s a lot of hours left in a unit.

Paul Andersons

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Belleville, IL
I'm wanting to start a business, but I'm having issues deciding on the best cheap commercial mower to purchase. I'm going to start with residential homes and when I pay off the equipment I want to move on to commercial properties. I want to get into most back gates. I've been told to get a 34" and also that I would be fine with a 44". Thoughts?
I have a new 48" Ferris FW35 walk behind with a velke. It only has 11 hours on it. It had 3 hours when I bought it from the dealer and I put 8 hours on it. I bought it when my Hustler zero turn was still getting the winter checkup. It has a phenomenal cut and I place it in the same category as an Exmark. I parked it in the garage because of back and tendonitis pain and had to use the zero turn. I am retiring and would like to sell it. It is fully loaded with a stripe kit, velke/sulky, chute blocker, and three extra sets of blades. I also have a like-new 30" Commercial Toro walk behind for getting through gates. It has less than 20 hours on it. I am in the southern Missouri area if you are interested.