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First commerical bid


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Indy, Indiana
Help Me!

I was getting ready for work when someone called me to come out Saturday AM and give him a bid. It is the common area around homeowners association. I know you cant help me bid and the guy did not have square footage or any other info. However he said he would have the maps printed out by Saturday when I got there. I am very new in this buisness, just really started in mid August (I think) but it has really taken off, probably too quick. Anyway, I need to really act like I know what I am doing when I bid this, there is 4 other guys bidding on it too. The problem is I dont. IS $30.00 an acre if there is no major obstacles too much? I have the equiptment etc, a Z, a couple of 21"s a 42" and trimmer etc. I really want the job but I dont want to way underbid. Any advice would be greatly apprectiated. should I take a contract with me? I o course do not have one.


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If you can make money at $30/acre then I would assume you wil be low bidder. Our area is very low compared to NW and usually we get $70 per acre but we don't bid many.