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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BensLand, Nov 10, 2001.

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    Any one willing to share some advise or knowledge in landscape maintenace of an appartment complexe? I'm writing a bid or proposal and wonder if anyone would share one of thiers to help me formulate my own?
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    E-mail me at and I'll send you some stuff. Also, check out the samples on, they may help you also.

    Not to bust your balls or anything either, but have someone look over your bids and any letters going to commercial clients to check for spelling and other error's.
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    Heres how I try to formulate my numbers for bidding:

    The best thing that you can do is to measure the property to calculate your services. You should take measurements for mowing, trimming, edging, mulch, fert. & pesticide apps, etc.
    Try calculating mowing using these figures:
    - use 44,000 as an acre
    - multiply your square footage by your pricing structure (ie. $3.50/m sf)
    - multiply this number by a degree of difficulty from 1.5(easy) to 3(difficult)

    Try calculating edging using these figures:
    gas or stick edger’s - multiply (x) 50 cents per 100 linear feet (lf)
    line trimmers (turf-curb areas etc.) - multiply (x) 75 cents per 100 (lf)
    line trimmers (along chain link fencing) - multiply (x) $1 per 100 (lf)

    Most company’s when you place your estimates like to see that you are a conscientious contractor that wants to give their property a manicured look. I always estimate the amount of time I think we will spend picking up debris prior to/while mowing and calculate trash removal times as part of the mowing price.

    Measure the total linear footage of ornamental beds to calculate your edging times. Then you should measure the sq footage of these beds so you can put together your pricing for mulch. If they have existing mulch you can submit a price for topdressing or even just re-fluffing what is there if it was applied to heavy. If you were going to be putting down a fresh coat I would submit a price for a 2” layer. The only times many apply 3” is at the time of the installation of plants when the beds were first put in.

    As far as shearing is concerned not knowing your skill level you can guesstimate your estimated times by figuring 5 minutes per small (under 2') shrubs, 10-15 minutes for medium (3'-5') shrubs, and up 45 minutes for large (6' above) shrubs and hedges. These times include the cleanup as well.

    You will also want to look at the overall condition of their beds and put together a weed control package whether it’s hand weeding, chemical control, or both.

    These services (aeration, lime, power raking, over-seeding, etc.) will also be based on the overall square footage of the area being treated. If you do a search you will be able to get the jist of how many bid these services out.

    I don’t know the rates for snow/ice control in your area but you will want to factor in your estimate for plowing, site clearing (hauling the piles away) - sanding/salting vehicular and pedestrian pavements, hand labor for snow blowers, shoveling, dispersing ice melts etc. - figure whether your pricing structure will be contingent upon per push, per fall, and/or both.

    I will send you a basic form that I have for submitting these figures.

    Hope this will help you out.
  4. Lawns2nv

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    Could You also E-mail a Basic form you use for submitting those figures, for a commerical bid. I like the formula you use. Thanks
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    Guido & Kutnkur

    Can I get in on this good info. I do residental and have been guessestimating for years. Thanks
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    Me too!! If yall don't mind. I need to start bidding now or in the next month right?

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    I am always wondering about time, But instead I always try to work by the hour, plus hauling 1 hour, plus Dump fees. That way is fair for both of us the customer and me. Lawnranger
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    If you could please send me this info also. Been guessing since I started....never been under bid though. Usually been on the low side with low profits:mad: Thanks.

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