First cut with the Bad Boy MZ 48

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bogeyfree31, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. bogeyfree31

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    First off you must know that the only mower I had ever owned prior to this one was a Poulan Pro 42" with a 16.5 Intek.

    Last Saturday I cut my 1 acre and was very impressed with the mower. It did/does everything I wanted. After I finished mowing, I started feeling down that I would have to wait 7-10 days to use it again.

    After sitting on the couch sulking a little, I called my neighbor who has a couple rental houses in the country on 3 acres. He informed me that he had not yet cut the grass out there this year. He lets me hunt and fish on some land he owns, so I told him I would cut the yard as some payback for his hospitality.

    I loaded my mower and headed out to the country. When I arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes. Knee high weeds growing over the centipede grass, 3 acres of it. I ripped the mower off the trailer, lifted the chute, throttled up and engaged the blades. The sound these machines make when the blades are engaged brings a smile to my face everytime. The next 2 hours were pure joy listening to the 26hp Kawasaki(through my earplugs) destroy anything below the 3 inch cut setting I chose. After the last strip was complete, I loaded her back on the trailer and took her home for a bath.

    I understand my mower is not the Biggest or Baddest. But its the biggest and baddest thing I've ever been on. I couldn't imagine what using one of the full commercial units would be like.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    Yep, you know these mowers are fun when you start calling people and telling them you will mow their 3 acres just for fun!
  3. eatonpcat

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    I have 9.5 acres that I would be more than happy to let you cut!!! You can hunt here if you want too!!
  4. Popeye77

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    they are a blast. How does it take to get fromTexas to Ohio?????

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know what you mean! I've been way over due mowing with mine this year. Too wet. A wife that has a health problem. So I've been mowing my mother in laws lawn with my old 1999 46 inch Sabre. But I still remember the first time we mowed with the Bad Boy Pup. It was awesome! It's continued to be awesome! I'll get that feeling again this Saturday, once I start my season. The Pup will sure get a workout!

    How about posting some pictures?

  6. saw n mow

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    bogeyfree31, good report...glad you like your MZ. That's quite the mow you took on with your MZ. I didn't have that kind of stuff to mow this year (or that much of it), but I did have a bunch of overgrown weeds (found out they are called Purple Dead Nettle) that were very thick...but the MZ handled it just fine.

  7. saw n mow

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  8. eatonpcat

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    Takes about 30 minutes...Just jump in your truck and head north...The grass is waiting!! Don't panic if it takes a little longer to arrive, just keep it pointed north!!:laugh:
  9. Popeye77

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    That's about like my Sister-in-Laws 30 min. "Just a 30min. float down the river"
    My 8yr son and I arrived 2hrs later 30min. after dark.
  10. rtharris

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    Bogeyfree....glad to see that u like ur new mower ive mowed a full year and 5 cuts this year with my Mz with no problems It is amazing what these small ztrs can do Enjoy ur new toy
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