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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TrpD345, Oct 8, 2006.

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    I have completely re-sewn my yard about 12 days ago. I have been blessed with good rain and temps and it is doing great. How should I handle the first couple of cuts? Should it be push mowed, bagged, or mulched? I have a ZTR with a bagging system, but I think it is too heavey for the yard right now. I will be having a problem with leaves in the near futur also. Thanks for the help!

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    Did you fertilize your turf,as for the grass i have cut with a z but your ground might be soft you know better than me,did you have a lot of thatch might be good to run it with a z and a bagger.
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    We are faced with that situation in the fall after we strip yards and plant rye. We water 3 times a day until the rye gets going. The obvious problem is we want to cut water off for no more than one day to mow, so we generally mow with a 21" mulching mower. The bigger units cause tracks and the baggers may suck up seed and fertilize. We try to avoid mowing for about 3 weeks but we definitely don't want the grass to get out of control so we can't bag when we start bagging.

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