First day cutting with Quick 36

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Just started mowing today up here in MN, finally some dry weather, sun, and 50's. At any rate, got to mow for the first time with my Quick 36 Ninja, very excited about that. Here is my take after two accounts:

    Pro's: Stripes awesome (sorry didn't take any pics), ample power with the 15Kaw even when mulching thick spring grass, so much quicker than the 21" that used to be my primary mower.

    Things to work on (I am not going to say cons, I just started using the thing!): need to practice my 180 turns still have to do a 3 pt turn too much with the thumb reverse, grips started slipping down (I know this has been discussed on LS I will fix this quickly), a lot of grass accumulation under the deck while mulching, at infrequent times would blow out some wads of grass at the end of a swath - this is my fault, forgot to spray down the deck with Fluid Film before I went out.

    So, my biggest issue after a few cuts is the amount of grass accumulating under the deck while mulching. Perhaps this is due to heavier spring grass, or slightly damp (but certainly not wet) grass. Anyone else have an issue with this? I plan to mow at 3" all season with mulching.

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    Bag it or blow it out....I still get some build up but FLUID FILM helps alot. 180's will become effortless in time.
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    I ran a mulch kit for the last 2 weeks. Took way too long to cut this spring growth, also I am surprised a couple customers haven't fired me yet. Worst cut on higher growth lawns. The mower left clumps of grass everywhere and the cut was really uneven.

    Fast forward last night, took off mulch kit and changed blades. Today, best cuts possible.

    Mulch kits work in different areas, in the south I was ok with them. This year, being new up in the midwest area, I did not think twice. Now I know better. May put it back on for fall to mulch up leaves when they drop.
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    I don't think any irrigated and fertilized lawn should be mulched in the spring. There is just too much top growth, and God help those that have a customer using Tru-Green or Scotts.... no way to mulch 4 inches of top growth.

    On the lawns I fert, I am still mulching, despite my earlier comment. These are small properties with a lot of obstacles. Not using the bagger makes it go much faster as the Accelertor bagger is very large. I swap back and forth from the mulcher to the bagger, depending on what lawn I'm cutting. If I will be cutting 2 or more inches of top growth, it's the bagger. The variable is how wet the grass is... the wetter it is, the more the mulcher has trouble and more deck buildup too.

    I've been using my 32 Quick from cut one.... and I still use the reverse...LOL... but not all the time on 180's. It sure does stripe nicely. Blasted hand grips are a pita. I've been too busy to change the grips. Been gettin up at 6, getting home at dark... almost can't wait for the planting and mulching season to end!
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    Are you using 2 differnt mowers one to mulch and 1 to bag? Or switching the same machine from mulch to bag ? How long does that take? I always try to have one of each on the trailer in the spring one mulches, one side discharges. But I don't have any of the Quick machines yet but hope to soon.
  6. Whitey4

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    I'm switching one machine. The Quicks are very fast and easy to change in and out from mulching to collecting. I used gator blades today, and they did a better job mulching. Not nearly as many clumps. Basically, I have found that on over fertilized lawns that have 2"s or more of top growth to cut, I need to bag it. Major time saver to mulch when I can.... not just emptying the bagger, but more manuvuerability with no side bagger to deal with.

    It takes about 2 minutes to go from mulching to bagging, and visa-versa with the Quick machine.

    New customers used to insist on bagging.... but with accounts that use my apps and fert program, the results so far have been so good, they don't care what I do.... as long as the lawns keep looking this good. One thing.... with mulching, there had better be a fall aeration treatment coming... or thatch could become an issue. Just another way to sell a very beneficial add on service.
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    I'd like to have one to replace my 21" walk behind permanently. But how do you turn these, hand brakes or what? Have you tried to double mow with the mulching kit on just by raising the deck 1/2" on the second pass?
  8. Whitey4

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    Double mowing is not something I would even consider.Too much time, and do it once, and customers then expect it. Turning a WB of any kind is a learning process. Basically, it's using the throttle and body english.

    If I have an overgrown lawn, I will charge for mowing twice, and lower the deck on the second pass. I would charge twice what my normal cutting charge would be for that too.
  9. MJB

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    Thats the difference from using a ZTR to a midsize walkbehind. Everything is double mowed versus handling the clippings up here. I didn't realize how slow the Quick machines are just to change settings. For me to collect the grass is not even a consideration. All my customers care about is the finished product. I'm sure most of them want to have the clippings removed but I started mulching years ago and didn't give them a choice and it's worked out.
    But I'm not sold on the Quick yet.
  10. daysel

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    Thats one of the reasons I might sell mine and get a scag.

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