First day of production

James Cormier

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Well, I finally got out today, felt good riding the pg with my hair blowing in the wind and bugs the teeth,

Only did on street though, 7 lawns all over 25k and about $1400. in prodo. wish every day was that easy.

As much as I bashed PG this winter, it was sure nice not pushing, I almost felt guilty,until i remembered how clunky it is shifting from high gear into N.

I think I gonna buy that lesco machine and put the sulky on the ultra, anyone want to buy half of a lesco rideon ?

Pilgrims' Pride

LawnSite Senior Member
Today was my third day.
Third day with the PG too.
We still haven't decided who is in charge.
Throttle stuck at a most inconvenient moment.
Went for a ride!
What brakes?
I'll work on it Monday.
Good thing z-spray is so easy to spell.

Don't forget the Easter Lillies.


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About time you got out and got something done! GEEEEE! LOL, just kidding ya James, hope the back is getting better. We've been plugging away pretty well even though its been wet, now about half way with first apps.

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