First Department of Ag Inspection

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, May 13, 2014.

  1. Landscape Poet

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    Had my first Department of Ag agent approach and inspect me today. I was surprised to see him as I have always been told their is only 18 or 19 of them in the state, figure they did not have time to mess with lawn guys.
    He informed me that there was now over 68 of them doing inspections because of some other division being absorbed by the ag division that does inspectors or something to that nature. He also informed me that he went into this gated guarded community today only to check lawn guys and that he had only found myself and one other that were legal.

    I got a written warning for not having the name of license holder ( I have a card through a PCO) on my truck and trailer. I would of have had that but I was using one of my lettered trucks that is a backup/estimate/sales truck that does not contain the 1.5 block name of the PCO because the fuel pump went out on the regular truck for that route, otherwise I would of been golden.

    But with them checking lawn guys and them now having over 68 agents in the field - I have a feeling they are going to collect some major revenues.

    For you guys that do applications including just round up. I got checked for

    1. ID card
    2. Lettering on Truck and Trailer (only needed because I am actually under PCO license)
    3. Spill Kit in the truck
    4. Chemicals properly stored - Round up is not able to just be stored in the bed of your truck FYI for those of you that do not know.
    5. That I had application signs (in my case I had signs for the company who's license I can apply under)

    The two agents (one in training) were nice and helpful. I informed them that I appreciated them taking the time to inspect lawn guys, especially after them telling me that they had came into that community (heathrow) with the intention of only check lawn mowing operations and apparently only found myself and one other guy that actually were properly licensed to apply Round Up etc. Good to know that having the license /id card and doing the right thing has paid off. That was my first time I actually ever seen a inspector let alone was inspected by one. :D
  2. unkownfl

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    For the limited main. and fert. certs. do you need a business address and zoning to be submitted to apply? Or is it just insurance proof? I had the limited Main. now it's been awhile and an old helper was asking me about it.
  3. Landscape Poet

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    Fert = BMP and the license/application not just the class

    Limited = sit in class , pass test, show proof of insurance to a min. required by the state at least...keep up your CEU's and pay annually
  4. Johnagain

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    I see my inspector everyday. He lives in a subdivision that I do maintenance is 3-4 days a week. He informed me that they have hired 50 new inspectors and were mostly checking to see if people who apply fert had their LF cards. Of course any other violations they find will be documented.
  5. curleelawncare

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    I was inspected last year. Also by a field agent and a trainee. As they walked up they flipped their badge showing they were with dept. of ag. I told them I would get my pesticide license and they said they had already pulled up everything on the computer. Of the 8 inspected so far, I was the only one with a license to spray. I was thinking I would never be stopped, but glad I had proper license to avoid fines.
  6. fl-landscapes

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    Coming from the communist state of Massachusetts I hate to admit this state is far more difficult to conduct a legal business operation in. Should be even more fun with 50 new revenue agents running around. Plan on at least enough fines to cover their salaries.

    Mike you were in your company truck spraying or with spray equipment and chemicals under the cert. of another company? Sounds like you got lucky to me.
  7. twomancrew

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    If it's like IA the co. is the handler and he has the permit to apply for that company. My permit has mu business name on it. As a owner/op I have to hold both license and permit to sell apps of any sort. Permit is good for 3 and handler's is good for a year. Both are $25 a year each. I was told to expect a call and home visit sometime my first 2 years because of the handler's. She said I will get a letter first:) I filed my handler's under exempt because I keep most my product at the dealer or at my dad's farm. Secondary containment whaaat?
  8. fl-landscapes

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    Simple answer is its not like Iowa. To be out in your own company truck with no indication of the company you have a card for on that truck while conducting pest control business is a clear no no. I'm not being the rule nazi here I'm just saying mike and the company that holds the card got off lightly there.
  9. twomancrew

    twomancrew LawnSite Senior Member
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    We have to put a copy of the license in the window of the truck or have # somewhere it can be seen. FL is pretty strict from what I hear on LS. In IA the most IDALS will do is give you a slap and try to educate you. Compliance is the mission. Don't get me wrong a complaint here will get you a visit with an interview and soil samples are taken and all that- in the end they will simply warn you and tell you how to do better next time. Remember we don't have ground water anymore in IA- we have a nitrate/atrazine slurry that we drink:rolleyes:
  10. curleelawncare

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    I was in my company truck and mowing an account. They had already pulled my license and asked what I had. Told them some round up and speed zone. Told me to have a good day and left me alone. Maybe I was a little lucky,

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