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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, May 13, 2014.

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    I was not spraying anything...and I am a card holder under another company that services roughly 65 accounts for my company as a sub. The owner is taking me under his wings and mentoring me and I am legally putting in my time to obtain the rite to seat for the license.

    Neither of us had thought about the inspector actually checking a lawn maintenance rig...but yes I have to have the other companies name in at least 1.5 inch blocks on my trucks and trailers ...that is in the works now in the form of wraps as they have to be permenant and not a magnetic sign etc.

    It could of gone worse....but the inspector was understanding especially considering I did have my spill kit, id card on a lanyard etc even though I had to switch from my normal vehicle because of a fuel pump. He was understanding and that helped. I am sure me actually being happy and stating that I was happy to see them stopping lawn guys made me happy did not hurt either.

    I was glad to finally meet them and see that they are actually stopping lawn rigs after years of paying and obtaining and maintaining a limited without ever seeing a agent in the field. Makes it all worth it knowing some lawn guys who choose not to go the legal route got fined yesterday! :D
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    so we have been fertilizing and spraying round-up for years. So you guys are saying that we can get in trouble for not having our business name on the trucks, and not having a spill kit and not having the id on hand? the owner has a license but weve never kept it in the truck.
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    You can call the state and ask them. In Iowa we have a Core book that covers state laws for IA. I just switched from using an old boss to registering as a handler for the permit. I was illegal before plain and simple, but I was prepared and safe as far as my truck and setup was concerned. It ain't much to do to be compliant but you need to know what your state requires. NY is probably more like Florida than Iowa when it comes to pesticides. I think about all we don't wanna get caught doing is not following label for restricted uses. Maybe spraying near apiaries as well, don't do that crap period especially here in IA. Happy neighbors= no problems.
  4. Landscape Poet

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    I am pretty sure that is going to be more specific for your state. You must have a spillkit, MSDS sheets, signs of pesticide application etc just for Round up too here in FL. The name on the side of the truck and trailer is more specific to me as I do not hold the license but actually instead I am an employee of the pest control company , who also happens to own a lawn maintenance company and sell their services, and because I sell there services and spray round up under their license ....I must have their name on my trucks and trailers.

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