First Draft of Grass Seed Care Instructions

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    Yeah, I have a unique way about me!

    One of my favorite stories goes back about 12 yrs ago when I had a display at the local home show. A man of foreign descent (lets say from the country where Dell has their call center) comes up and wanted to schedule an appointment for me to come to his house for an estimate.

    The man was sorta pushy and had NO personaility.

    So we schedule an appointment on the spot.

    He says to me "please call me to remind me about our appointment".

    My response "I was just about to tell you to call me and remind me"!!! LOL

    The man got mad and said "you know what, you're unprofessional, cancel the appointment"!

    LOL - Hilarious!

    Last week I'm meeting with a new client. They had a large shed they want torn down while we're there working. The man said to me "what are you going to do with the debris, bury it?"

    With a total straight face and serious tone, I responded "we will bury it only if you're not home when we do it".

    Haha - see he and his wife have a sense of humor......I got a big laugh out of them.

    No we won't bury the shed, it will be loaded into a roll off dumpster.

    Oh, it gets even better! My 9.5 yr old son goes on almost every estimate / client meeting with me. He knows the business and he knows it well. Just wait about 9 to 10 more years and it'll be like a mini-me when he interacts with our clients!

    Today we're looking at furniture. The sales lady tells me to make myself at home and be comfortable on the furniture. SO I respond "well at home I just have underwear on, and I start undoing my belt"!
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  2. Red Shed Landscaping

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    Some people can handle the joking around but I don't think I would put the first paragraph in if it were me giving it to the client unless you have had good report with them and have a fun attitude. Although many or most people need that kind of paragraph to make them actually think that it is important to water their seed.

    I would avoid putting in a schedule and how much to water as well. The weather is so much of a factor and depending on what time of year it is will determine how much and often to water. People always ask how much and how often they should water their newly planted sod, seed or shrubs. The first thing I tell them is that it depends on the weather and if its hot and sunny it will need more and cloudy and cool will need less. Also have to adjust the watering if it rains and how much it rains. So many variables to factor into the watering.

    I tell people all the time like the way you have in the document about keeping it moist, not dry but sopping wet. Seems like that should be fairly easy to figure out for the average person.
  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Few things you need in there is the height to cut when mowed and when to cut it the first time
    80% of the time people will mow to short
    Time of day when to water.
  4. big daddy b

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    You actually have a sense of humor!?
  5. Birchwood

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    I did not like the story, I would be straight forward and just go to the instructions.

    As a landscaper we always sod the areas we disrupted. Seed sounds so much easier.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Seed is easier.

    Sod requires far more watering. And more labor blending the sod to adjoin existing turf.

  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    That's easy if you have right equipment a bed edger works the best or I have used the sod cutter and square everything up. Less labor on the back

    My turf teq works the best and its so fast its the only way I do it now
  8. Drakeslayer

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    Personally we never leave a job without sodding our disturbed areas. We include these numbers in our estimate and have never had an issue with it. We make it loud and clear that sod is not replaced for free if it dies. Most of our clients have sprinkler systems which eliminates all doubts.
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    The bulk of our work is not landscape related. Those days are almost a thing of the past.

    Dirt work. No sprinkler systems, if so, they would be history by the time we're done.

    There is a specific internal reason why we do not sod for this particular type of work, which is explained to the client if they inquire.

    But such a sheet may be helpful for others here, and anyone can edit it how they see fit for their biz. I'm more or less sharing, cause I'm sure someone would appreciate this.

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  10. jbailey52

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    Nothing wrong with having a care sheet on treating newly planted grass or plants, as I also use one. Yours just sounds stupid is all.

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