first estimate, biting my nails!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jahseed, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. jahseed

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    Hello all, this is my first post here at lawnsite although i've been looking in for a while. I just started my own lco and got my first call today via business card. When i went over to give the estimate the guy wanted a big job done 1) Removal of 4 trees , 3 were average size, but they were growing over the house and power lines, the same with the fourth, which is a HUGE avocado tree. 2) He also wanted 4 more trees trimmed and the whole area cleaned up. I gave him a quote for $2100 dollars figuring in labor and expenses @ $1300 and $800 to remove and trim these 8 trees, did I charge too much or too little??? He said he'd call me back and I'm over here biting my nails hoping to hear from him soon.
  2. Patrick.B

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    I' can tell you if hes call a tree service he will call you back soon ...that sound like a good price ,,,i'd wouldn't go no lower then what you bid on ,,Good Luck !!
  3. gogetter

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    Are you a certified arborist????? Do you even carry insurance for tree work????

    Also, if this is your first estimate, how can you have been in business for 10 years as your profile states?? :rolleyes:
  4. jahseed

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    you just answered my question with three questions, lol.
  5. beransfixitinc

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    I'd be careful with the ones that are grown into the power lines. Maybe you should call the power company and get them to come and trim them out of contact with the lines first, and then do your takedowns.

    And, as for the Avacado tree.. is the guy crazy or something? Dang things were 75 cents a piece at the grocery store the other day.. that's a cash cow if I've ever seen one.
  6. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    And you didn't answer any of them. Although that in itself pretty much answers them for me. :rolleyes:
  7. Cut

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    You told him $2000? For those dangerous lawsuited trees? Your first time? You better hope he dont call ...And if he does, you better have a couple of sthil saws, ropes, dong, chains, wedges, and 4x4, help, insurance and lots of blessing from above....

    Post a picture of the job before you kill yourself so we can talk you out of it!

    $2000 sounds too cheap. I usually charge that just to remove a yard full of brush, without dropping trees.
  8. jahseed

    jahseed LawnSite Member
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    I appreciate the honesty CUT, i'll definitely post pics when i get a chance.
    I told him to call the power company but apparently he has issues of some sort with them. It can be done no problem with a little care and i have plenty of experience with this sort of thing. upon further reflection i shoulda charged a little more.

    And Gogetter, if it is absolutly necessary to answer your question without having my integrity badgered, 1) No i'm not a certified arborologist, but i'll take a chainsaw to those bad boys with the best of them 2) Yes i do have insurance for tree work, it's cheap too 3) 've been gardening for ten years, just started my own lco. hope this clarifies things for you.
  9. gogetter

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    I've been mowing my dads yard since I was 13. I guess that means I've been in "business" for......23 years then huh?! LOL!

    Hey, if the guy's stupid enough to hire someone to take down trees that are hanging over his roof and near wires without checking to see if he's certified, then he deserves what he gets. Good luck to both you and him.
  10. jahseed

    jahseed LawnSite Member
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    Does it take alot of practice to be an ***hole or were you just born that way??? :D

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