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    This is my first post, which is about my first Hustler, which is my first ztr.

    Purchased my Z 25/60 from Southview Corp. in Nicholsville, Ky. Great people to work with. I will be mowing 4-5 acres strictly my own residence and can't wait for the grass to start growing. With 2 kids in different sports, I had to get off my P.O.S. JD rider. No time to poke around anymore. Thanks to all the great responses on Lawnsite and other reports, I know I made the right decision on Hustler. Did not even need to demo - the engineering simplicity and quality of the machine was enough. Have been on Scag, Bobcat, and Toro and with Hustler's quality being equal to or better than, the price of Hustler makes it a no-brainer!
    My question on the warranty (and I know you've heard it a thousand times) is why for the homeowner can't the warranty be extended? By my estimate of yearly hours of use, it will take me 4-5 years to put on the same amount of time the average LCO does in a year (based on the poll here on Lawnsite.) By the time the 2 year parts and labor warranty expires, it would take 10 years for me to match the LCO's warrantied hours.
    Thanks for listening and thanks for a great product.
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    Welcome to the family !!
    It is just the way mfg's interpret a commercial unit with a commercial warranty.

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