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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BENDAVIS96, Mar 25, 2008.


    BENDAVIS96 LawnSite Member
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    What do you guys think about a 97 1500 Dodge Ram w/magnum V8? I heard they are notorious for transmission issues. Please shed some light. I'm looking for my first full size truck to purchase. A used one just to get me in the mix, have 95 s10 4.3L v6. It just wont hold up.
  2. Petr51488

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    Everyone will go with the brand they like. Try out a silverado 1500 or 2500hd since you allready own a chevy. I own both, and their both great trucks.
  3. jbannick18

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    I vote for the chevy silverado. great truck. Dodges eat gas like no other and is followed by fords.
  4. KrayzKajun

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    go Chevy!!
  5. thecollector

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    The 97-98 model year brought about transmission change for the chrysler trucks. I have also heard the same thing about 94-97's however in 98' they changed the transmission and longevity is suppossed to be substantially improved. I have a 98 and had my entire case crack from the tailshaft to the bellhousing at 78k miles. That was due to abuse on my part. I now have 170k and have had no problems, and I got a trans from a parts yard that already had 60k miles on it. In most all late model trucks with auto's the weakest point is almost always the transmission. All you can do is do the maintenance and try to have your employees drive them as if they are their own vehicles. How a vehicle is driven will effect postively or negatively how long any brand lasts. I have had guys in the past that could burn up a transmission in less than 70k. I also have had trucks that went to 250k and had no problems. Same model year, brand, and engine, different drivers. Good luck.
  6. KTM

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    I have had a few Dodge trucks and they have always been good to me, others have tranny problems, I have noticed the Dodge's of those years are getting to be bargains, seen some pretty good looking deals latley compared to Chevy's
  7. DynLand2006

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    Not the most reliable trannys. Get the price down and look into the cost of a used/scavenged tranny from a newer model, check install rates... could be a cheaper route than trying to find an equivalent chevy or ford. Older genres dodges run the cheapest and Dodges typically have decent power, be it gas or diesel.
  8. Lawn-Sharks

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    I worked at a Transmission shop part time for my buddy and he had dodges out the wazoo but mostly front wheel drive stuff but a few ram trucks here and their
  9. Skimastr105

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    I have a 96 dodge ram with 160,000. it's doing fine.
  10. BENDAVIS96

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    I appreciate all the feedback from all of you guys. I believe this is my first post that I have initiated. This is my new favorite site. I'm just getting acquainted with the operations of this site. I think while I'm using it most people are sleep.

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