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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cutman2000, Aug 14, 2012.

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    i mean if he breaks anything physical ie glass windows ect, not bodily harm. workmans comp is all about bodily harm.

    i am not saying the employe would only take large companies to the irs. he could even take yours even if you are going everything by the books, just because he does not like you.
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    The truth is that most small businesses pay under the table when they are just starting to bring on an extra person though no one actually admits it. I'm sure someone will jump in here and say they did everything exactly by the books from the very beginning, and maybe they did, but you can be sure they are a tiny minority.

    It's not good long term strategy but sometimes it is good to do it til you figure out how to hire and figure out who is good because you CAN just say don't come back anymore and they are gone. No paperwork, not a bunch of w-2s to send out to people who made a whole $128 from you because they showed up for 2 days and then disappeared.

    But only you can decide how you want to do it.

    As far as being responsible for injuries, somehow I'm suspicious that a part time guy isn't going to be doing much beside weedeating and blowing and its not real likely he's going to chop anything off using those tools.
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    If he an under the table employee he will not be covered under WC. A disgruntled under the table employee is dangerous. And it worse if you fire him and he goes to collect UI.

    Doesn't matter what the guy is physically doing...hard to prove a person didn't injure his back on the job lifting a I said, people are sue crazy these days. If you are not doing it by the books that employee is a liability.
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