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First HOA bid

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Hi there,
We are a newer lawn care company. We received our first HOA request and I'm struggling with what to charge. This is the clients request.

Requesting a bid on lawn care including fertilizer applications, fall clean up and snow removal for homes from 7301 S Tivoli Place south to 2400 Trevi Place. Includes 4 villas and 14 twin units. Please break down into a per unit cost because 5 units are not yet sold but will be included as sod is laid.

The HOA itself isn't huge. Only 2 of the townhomes have a privacy fence. We'd probably go there with 4 crewmen for time effectiveness. Any input? I don't want to send a bid and it be rejected immediately due to high pricing! Thanks
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Here’s an example on an HOA bid I had a request from .HOA frontage approximately 120000sqft . All flat. I bid @$550 per app and would do 3 pre/post emergent apps. Fert was not requested. The lady thought that price was way out of line, and was willing to go $125 per app. Understand the avg price of a home in the HOA was$675000. I passed. Your experience m as y vary, but I’m sure mowing/upkeep would run into the same types of requests.
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