First irrigation job.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PabsMaster, Feb 1, 2013.

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    For me, it's more the phone call 6 months after the client realises they have a junk system and call me to fix it. Most of the time all the pipes and sprinklers have to be re-done. I also get very disheartened when I do a service call and the systems is just rubbish. I have walked away from some service jobs because they are so bad.

    I hate people paying good money for rubbish. If I lose the job to a good contractor I'm not fussed, but when I can see the system is just a pure POS I feel bad for the client when I tell them It basically has to be re-built ad they have to pay their money again.

    I have too much work to handle at the moment, so it's not about not having work. People being ripped off sh!ts me to tears and it gives the industry a bad name.
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    shoot I've been installing systems for twenty years and all I have is a hunting license... woo-hoo
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    :laugh: Same with up in WA State; a shovel & pick-up truck and the ability to collect State sales tax is all that is required. :hammerhead:

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