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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NewtoUSALawns, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. NewtoUSALawns

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    I am 40 years old and bought my first home in the USA this year (lived abroad and worked for US companies in the past). I have no knowledge of lawns in the USA, and bought my lawn equipment only this year.

    I found this wonderful site around midnight yesterday.

    I cannot even tell what kind of grass we have.

    I am hoping that you folks can help me. I want to learn on my own rather than asking for help from a company like TrueGreen. The only reason being that I will never learn if I do not it myself and would never be able to teach my sons as well.

    So today I took my sons in the yard and we measured SF of our lawn and took some pictures. I live in Indianapolis, IN and we have approx. 11,000 SF of lawn (no sprinkler system).

    We have brown spots, and weeds (Annual Blue Grass, Bull Thistle, Clover White, Dollarweed/Pennywort, Yellow Foxtail).

    So far I have put Pastures Fertilizer (50 lb. bag. 36-3-7), some Scotts Stuff and 10 lbs of (10-10-10). The pastures fertilizer was recommended by a friend who lives in country and I had leftover of (10-10-10) from the vegetable garden that we started.

    I will be reading the forums and try to learn myself.

    However please help us and point in right direction. What to use and where to buy (So far we have made countless trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Menards).

    Cheers and Thanks!

    PS: How do I get rid of grass that grown in joint of sidewalk?

    Grass in Front1.jpg

    Grass in Front2.jpg

    Brown Spots1.jpg

    Grass in Back1.jpg

    More Weed5.jpg
  2. NewtoUSALawns

    NewtoUSALawns LawnSite Member
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    Some more pictures for your review.

    Since I do not know what kind of grass/sod we have, I do not know where to start.:cry:

    So I am asking for some help in learning this task, and recommendation of fertilizer and weed control.

    Yellow Foxtail.jpg


    Annual Blue Grass1.jpg

    Problem in Concrete.jpg

    More Weed2.jpg
  3. weeble67

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    Congrats on your purchase. You will find all the help you need on this site. I would offer my .02 but, I am not a fertilizer guy. I will bump you back up to the top.
  4. tbettis

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    cant really tell the name of the grass..but you really have crabgrass, clovers and other multiple types of weeds.... to take care of weeds i wouls try IMAGE. they sell it in concentrate so you would have to mix it accordinly
  5. NewtoUSALawns

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    Thanks weeble67 and tbettis

    There is lot of information here in the forum (and could be confusing...which product to use).

    I never heard of Lesco before coming to this site.

    I am thinking of loading pictures of my yard into my desktop and taking it to Lesco store in Indianapolis. Is that a good idea? Perhaps they can recommend me a program to follow and suggest some weed killers.

    I am looking for a guide or a link that can describe a lawn care program. i haven't found one this site so far (perhaps I missed it)

    PS:There is a Tractor Supply store near by as well.
  6. tbettis

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    save the gas... they'll have you going everywitchaway..just be patient and just float the forums here and sometimes
  7. bahamamills

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    Welcome NewtoUSA,

    The first thing unfortunately you will have to do is be patient. This late in the season there is not a lot you can or want to do with your lawn. There are most likely spots you want to replant this fall to fill in the bare spots. If you start putting out fertilzer and or weed control it may well impact any success you can have in establishing new growth. A good deal of you weed control and correction can happen over the winter and into early spring with granular treatments.

    You may want to get some soil samples and take them for soil analysis to see what it needs as well. As far as the grass growing in your side walk and anywhere else you don't want it you can get pre-mixed or concentrate Round-Up pretty much anywhere.
  8. jeffinsgf

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    Some good advice so far. Weed control with the current weather conditions would be marginal. Fertilization without some moisture would be a waste of money. Spray the cracks with glysophate (the active ingredient in Round-Up). For the price of a small bottle of Round-Up at Lowe's, you can go to TSC and get 2-1/2 gallons of generic glysophate concentrate. If kept in a fairly controlled environment (like your garage) it will last for years. Get a small hand sprayer and mix what you need when you need it. Glysophate will kill anything that is green and actively growing. When plants go dormant -- like many do when it is this hot -- they won't die no matter how much you put on them. It is a powerful tool, but needs to be carefully used around anything that you want to live. It has low or no residual effect, so you can replant an area treated with it as soon as the old vegatation is gone.

    After having struggled to get a nice lawn for 20 some years, I discovered about 8 years ago that the secret is irrigation. Watering with hose sprinklers takes an enormous commitment of time and energy to even come close to the efficiency of an automated irrigation system. Turf that is irrigated will solve all your weed problems by simply crowding them out.

    Patience now. In September when things cool off you can start getting that turf in shape.
  9. NewtoUSALawns

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    Thanks Folks!

    Learned first lessen. OK I will be patient and read the forums. Then I will make my own lawn care program and post here for your review.

    We are just learning lots of stuff that comes with homeownership (especially when you didn't grew in this country and do not have family and elders to teach you).

    My front yard has most weeds. I will use Round-Up to kill grass in the concrete walk that leads to the front door. (I called a place for Q4, that stuff is expensive!!! $425.00 for 2.5 gallons. They didn't have it in stock, but told me to get Surge (I guess) for $80.00.

    This looks like expensive ordeal.

    I guess I will find out how to reseed the yard.

    PS: Just to cheer you guys. First day of lawn mowing, somehow the starter cord got under the blade and got chopped:laugh: . Also hit the blade on a metal rod that the previous owner had put in the ground as a stake :laugh:
  10. Capemay Eagle

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    For the walkway just get yourself a trimmer that should clean that up, you can even edge the sides. Make it look real clean..

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