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First look 62" Toro

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Mar 16, 2000.

  1. A few weeks back I mounted my new used 62” mowing deck to<br>my best traction unit a 1995 with an 18hp V-twin Kohler.<br>I did the swap at a friends heated garage (he has everything<br>cutting torches, arc welder, even a milling machine).<p>At that time I noticed the deck belt was quite loose and the<br>idler had no more adjustment. When I would go and engage<br>the clutch (pto) the engine would stall out and die unless you<br>gave it about half choke. The house and garage sits on an acre<br>so there were some matted down leaves in this turf which the<br>62” with new mulching blades promptly destroyed.<p>So yesterday I got this 62” off my trailer to work on the<br>machine in the front of the trailer. I started the clutch on<br>half choke and found only the center spindle was turning.<br>Well it seems the deck belt was never in the pulley on the<br>center spindle. I just removed the idler setup from the deck<br>to position the deck belt around the v pulley. I then just reinstalled<br>the idler setup and was then able to adjust the belt to the<br>correct tension.<p>Now you can engage the pto with the choke in the full run position.<br>I have a bracket mounted on the 62” (my 52” machines also) to accept <br>the Wright Mfg. Jumbo metal bagger. This machine did a fine job bagging<br>even with the mulching blades. In a short time <br>all the clipping/leaves<br>were being piled up against the back of the bagger.<p>I have been able to retain the deflector shields for these units by raising the<br>shields up an inch by using a leftover piece of an end cut off a JRCO bar.<br>I just take and cut the square metal tubing the same size as the deflector<br>mounting brackets and drill on a press. Then put the bagger in place and<br>drill new holes in the deck where the deflector will fit the best. In my<br>case I paint the tubing red to give it that OEM look then install with<br>longer bolts.<p>The maiden voyage for my 62” is scheduled for 3/21 at the school district. <br>I will take a 52” with me “just in case”.<p><br>

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