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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by AbsoluteZzZero, Oct 26, 2005.

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    I was out passing out business cards to a development today with my Dad. When we were finishing up a lady came out of the office asking what we would charge to maintain the entrance.

    There is an island and two sides at the entance that has bushes and such. She just wants weeds pulled, mulch added when needed, dead flower replaced, bushes trimmed, ect, to keep it looking nice. And she wants us to come out once a month.

    This will be our first maint. bid, so we dont know what to tell her price wise. We're thinking 300 for the first month because the weeds are so over grown, and 100 a month after that. Does that sound right? Or too much?

  2. Do you think it will take 6 hours the first time and 2 hours each time after.
    By what you've mentioned this sounds about right for labor. You also have to consider materials in this price also.
  3. Thats man hours, so if your dad is helping cut those times in half.
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    Bid the man hours high. one visit a month the beds will be full of weeds.
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    During the season march-oct weekly site visits to control the weeds. use a post-em to cut down on the weed pulling.

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