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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by airforcemike, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. airforcemike

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  2. mike lane lawn care

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    my OPINON is that it is a non-commercial mower, and the other guys on here will rattle you with comments like it will never hold up under the use. however, i use a tractor, it is the best you can get, but it is not a commercial mower, it gets abuse, and lots of it, they have held up under high demand commercial use for a long time. if this mower suits you, get it. if you want a commercial mower, then get a walkbehind, they cost around the same price. BUT this mower seems like it will be fine for a up to 10 clients or so.
  3. outsourced

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    Starting out with a walk behind is good advice. I run Skags, but talk to the dealers in your area and demo a few brands. I didn't buy a rider until I started picking up big accounts with 2 - 10 acres. The experience you get starting and learning on a walk behind will put you in good shape when you do upgrade. Also - Cub Cadets are gay.
  4. Badgerz

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    No, they are not.
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    Cub Cadets are gay?? LMAO!!!!!!! man how did you figure that!!
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    What do you mean by "gay", people use that term alot these days they say it and dont know what it means. btw you spelt scag wrong.
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    I used a Z-Force for 2 years. The deck will NOT hold up to commerical use. You will have to work on it more than you will want to. Eventually, replacement is the only option.

    I have a M-48 TANK now. I assure you, it does the job.
  8. newz7151

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    Well hey, it shows that it has a limited 1 year commercial warranty.. so, yeah, go ahead, get it, use it.. make some money and then after the first year upgrade to a full commercial brand.
  9. cessnasovereign

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    So you use a regular small residential mower for your company? How many accounts do you have?

    I'm not bashing, just curious, I just bought an MTD 15.5 HP for the yards with fences, instead od spending a few thousand on a smaller walk behind I just bought a regular old mower for $899.99..

    (I do also have a ZTR)
  10. mike lane lawn care

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    it's a simplicity broadmoor. 20HP 44" deck,this machine is great, holds up well to commercial abuse. costs around $4,000 with mulching kit

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