First mulch job (pics)

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by wvaughn7, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. wvaughn7

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    Well today me and my brother had our first big mulch job. We ended up spreading right at 11 cubic feet of mulch. It was more than expected, but we still made a decent profit. A different company put the landscaping in in April and it was already overtaken with weeds and about two feet of grass they were supposed to take care of. They were also supposed to come and weed as specified in their contract this past Tuesday. They did come to weed, but they more or less pulled out the really bad things and weed-eated the grass which made a huge mess. Within the past four months almost all the mulch has disappeared, which makes me believe they did not put enough down or used an inferior mulch. I also saw they were in it only to make a profit as they charged almost $4000. Here are some pics after we got finished so let me know what you guys think. Constructive criticism is welcomed!

    First job 1.jpg

    First job 2.jpg

    First job 3.jpg

    First job 4.jpg
  2. nepatsfan

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    I think thats why all of us are in business. FYI looks like more than 11 cubic feet. Generally looks much better when you edge.
  3. Will P.C.

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    Mulch always seems to take a little more time and material than expected
  4. wvaughn7

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    Ya I hear ya on the time and material thing haha, but it was a good first experience overall. I did it a little cheap as stated, but this lady has many more jobs for us and also her family is wanting some mulch and basic maintanance done so I figured that I could go a little cheap on the first project to make a good impression, especially after she got screwed by the last company. Patsfan I agree it does look like it is more than that, but according to the supplier the bucket on the tractor is a little under one cu. ft. so I figured it would be barely over by the time you add what's hanging over the edge of the bucket. Also edging was not within the budget at the moment so we just spread it and left.
  5. nepatsfan

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    I think you mean a cubic yard a cubic foot would be a real big shovel full
  6. wvaughn7

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    Yes didn't notice I was putting cubic feet haha I did mean cubic yards. Oh and also tell me what you think of this. The other "landscapers" charged $75 for one hour of weed pulling, and we took out five wheelbarrows overflowing with weeds and dead grass. Would you even be able to leave a property after doing that bad of a job for that amount of money and not feel bad?
  7. PerfectEarth

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    Some of the worst landscaping and garden trinkets/lights I have ever seen.
  8. beegreenlandcare

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    Ya, I thought there was a lot of "garbage" in there too:rolleyes: i hate it when the client goes after me and 'ruins' a good job.
  9. soloscaperman

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    The customer put a lot of nicknacks in the flower beds. That crap drives me crazy. Looks to busy in there.
  10. Chevy z71

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    nice work......

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