First, my equipment.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by LR3, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. LR3

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    Mi take it back, they are good mowers but they are not very heavy duty and the application I use them for exceed their mid term ability. Mix in long, daily hours with abusive conditions, rough terrain, curbs and pavement during transit, and you will find yourself replacing them every year and a half.
  2. jakes mowing

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    i think im going to get one, i only have about 3 yards i need a push mower for but i want one that will last. i think that since im not using it a ton it will last me a long time. its just not worth it for me to buy a $1000 push mower right now. i use them for leaves as well.
  3. greenbaylawns

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    The only CON I have is the one thing I wish it did better...MULCH! This is not a mulching mower. I just cant bag every yard with it since it will take too much time. I think the Toro double blade system is the best. It does ok in the dead of summer when the grass is'nt as wet. Works great for bagging. I had to lower the handle cause of the way the drive control works. Arms and hands got tired as they seemed too high. I like the big gas tank. The height adjustment works well and easy. I like the Black wheels, kind of neat looking
  4. michiganmower10

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    nice stuff man, lol i got a ferris 48" walk just like yours just heavily used, id like to rehab it in the next year or two, paint stickers the whole 9 yards, and how do you like the ferris hydro walk behind???
  5. Dwittbecker

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    LR3 Do you have any problems with your bags on your fast vac filling up? I have a snapper pro s50x with the fast vac. And the bag on the right will not fill up all the way. I also have a snapper pro sw30 48''. My next rider will be a ferris.
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  6. TMAC669

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    I second that....
  7. sweetland

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    great work and a great thread, subscribing
  8. LR3

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    It will serve you well then.
  9. LR3

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    Perfect, with care it should last me some time. What really caught my eye were the wheels, rubber as opposed to plastic. Bagging year round in some areas of my property is essential, like the pool yard. My employee is happy. He's looking forward to using it.
  10. LR3

    LR3 LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you take care of it, it will take care of you and make you money in the process. I love the hydro. My guys love the hydro, they complained a lot last year and said they would be more productive with it. We shall see. :)

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