First Oil Change?

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    Preparing for my first oil change on my Fastrak and I see many perspectives on when to do this. My unit is purely residential and I estimate will only see about 30 hours a year of use. I hope to be using this unit 30 years down the road when I am in my 60's, thus want to maintain it properly without doing excessive or unnecessary maintainence.

    My engine is the Honda GXV-620 20 HP and the Honda owners manual says to change the oil after the first month or 20 hours and every six months or 100 hours thereafter. The filter doesn't need to be changed until 200 hours. Honda suggests 10W-30 SJ as the preferred oil.

    The Hustler Fastrak owners manual says initial oil change at 5 hours and every 40 hours thereafter. Filter is changed according to engine manufacturers recommendations. There's a note at the bottom of the maintainence schedule that says to use 20W-50 oil.

    Is the Hustler manual trying to compensate for the fact that the Fastrak is available with many engines and each company suggests different schedules?

    Which schedule do I follow and what is the proper oil?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The FasTrak owners manual is correct.
    You need to follow the FasTrak manual.
    The 20W50 oil is for the hydro's, not the engine, it is footnote # 7 and it pertains to the hydro's.
    You need to use 10w30 oil.


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