First Paver Patio (Homeowner) - Pics!

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Akshue, May 25, 2009.

  1. Akshue

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    So guys, how does it look? I'm happy with it - and have a much greater appreciation for what you guys do for a living. There are a few spots where I want to pull up pavers and re-grade, but I figure that I'll get those after everything sits for a few weeks - but I'm only fretting about an 1/8" or so up or down.

    Feel free to critique and be as brutally honest as you want to be, like I said I am just a homeowner and not a hardscaper. Had some problems around the builder-installed patio (not square, etc) so had to custom cut most of the "straight" border pieces - but all in all I think it looks allright.

    And yes, these were "big-box store" pavers...

    This picture really shows off how uneven the patio was...


    Yes, I still need to clean up more

    Next up : Landscaping. Plants come in on Friday. Then, re-grading my back yard all the way. Will probably take 10 yards of soil or so.
  2. Bru75

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    I'd say you did a nice job for your first try. Looks good, enjoy it!

    STRINGALATION LawnSite Senior Member
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    not a pro hardscaper myself but looks ok so far. maybe some vets will see what i dont
  4. tamadrummer

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    Not a hardscaper either but their is a ton of running bonds. Other than that, it looks awesome to me. Even with them, it still looks pleasing to the eye and that is all that matters if the base was put in correctly!
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    looks very nice from afar, from up close trying to figure out the pattern. As previously mentioned, i hope you used polymeric sand for the joints as you do have alot of running bonds and that will reduce interlock. And anyone with experience in hardscaping knows the quality and success of the job mainly relies on what we cannot see in those pics- the prep of the base. Hope you have at least 4"QP compacted and graded correctly and if it is a wet area, hope you laid geotex down. But it does look good. nice cuts and curves!
  6. Akshue

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    Didn't use polymeric... I figured that I'd see how it held up, and didn't want to have to worry about the application yet. Sand is easy to add. Also, I figured that since the running bond was broken every 3 feet or so, it wouldn't be much of an issue.

    The base is 7-8" deep over clay, and I did use geotex. The geotex goes up to the existing patio and is glued with landscape block adhesive to it, so I won't wash out anything under my slab. The base was graded/leveled properly - I was off by 1/4" or so in the worst area (which is a bit more than I would like to see, but I was happy with it - Like I said, I'm not a pro... but I figured that this would be as good as 95% of the people who do this sort of job)

    The base was compacted every 2-3" or so, and super-compacted at the end when I was ironing out the dips and hills and lining things up with the existing slab... I figure that I went over it about 30 or 40 times in some spots at the end :)

    As far as the pattern goes, see attached...

    I lucked out and the "blank" space in the middle was exactly the room for a 3" brick, so I was able to continue my pattern perfectly.
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  7. Right Touch

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    wow- for a homeowner, that is one detailed picture! and pattern! maybe I need to hire you as a designer LOL how many times did you put the wrong paver in the wrong place and have to revert back to your design for the pattern? Looks great though. And you did everything the way it should be- just consider adding the polymeric at some time in the future. It will save you a headache a few years from now. Otherwise, hats off to a job well done.
  8. Akshue

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    Thanks... I'm a computer nerd - so I found doing the picture was way easier than any other options - not to mention, I could easily figure out square footage and the exact number of pavers to get. Make a pattern a certian size, copy and paste... Then adjust it a bit to take out some of the running bonds...

    I really didn't lay many bricks without looking back at it - and I got myself "lost" pretty often. I only had to pull up one or two pavers that were put in the wrong area.

    Also, I didn't realize how much of a gravel sink it would end up being... I planned on 6" (5yd)... I know I over excavated a bit (7-8" after I compacted the soil) but I was surprised to put in ~9 yards+

    I got a pretty nice deal on the sand (pricing error that they realized on my second trip... ended up being $18/ton instead of $28/ton - but they said "NP we'll give you another ton at the old price.... not right to charge more now" so I know where I'll be getting the rest of my landscape supplies....) so now I have like 1/2 yard too much!... Luckilly there are like 5 patios going in nearby, and I'll just give it away and make good neighbors...
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  10. CertPro

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    What kind of machine did you use for your "super compaction"?

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