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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by andersman02, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I don't like the bulbous patio, it really doesn't look right with the square deck. Plus its a waste of brick with the tapered ends. The walkway doesn't flow well either. A quality job starts with a quality design. Work with rectangles and right edges instead of the curves. Saves you a bunch of time and they get more for the money.
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    I like the first layout. Add steps off of the deck off to the side of the patio the same size of the area there, keep the circle but drop the little bump by the fence, keep it a smooth circle. Hope that makes sense. Drop the walk it doesn't work with either.
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    You're making it more complicated than it needs to be. If you *have* to work with those deck steps, asking a user to walk down them, turn hard right, and then shwank back towards the house doesn't make sense. Why not have a bigger planting area against the house and slide the whole patio forward? Then you're flowing down into the patio and eliminating the dinky problematic little lead walk.
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    I think the second design makes best use of space and looks best. Agree with everyone about adding steps towards the patio, the walkway would be way too awkward. If they have to keep the deck; at least you are not cutting off access to replace it later. By putting the patio in the corner; they can still easily access the deck to replace it later.
  5. andersman02

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    Thanks for the input guys, a couple things.

    - there is a gate along the fence that leads to the driveway right in front of the garage, thats what the extra patio area is along the right side on the circle pattern.
    - I wanted them to be able to use this during the winter so i wanted to create a complete paver walk way from the fence to the deck, she originally didnt want to do new steps, but i think i can get her to go with that idea instead of an awkward walkway (it definately is awkward) and it wouldnt be much of a price difference either, probly would save her $$
    - she brought up the idea of using simple flagstone for the walkway and between the fence and patio, yes it would be cheaper but also a nightmare to shovel in the winter so i got her off that idea.
    - i like the idea of bringing out the patio farther into the yard but there are a few things that wouldn't allow this.

    another thing, there is a downspout as you can see in the top right corner between the house and fence, i brought up the idea of a rain barrel there because, otherwise the water will flow off the patio and that could be bad news in the future. She really liked that.

    Would another easy way to deal with this be simply having the downspout go under the fence onto the driveway? I think there should be enough room under to do this and it would be more cost friendly
  6. andersman02

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    mmmmmmmm also for pricing, heres a few things

    - we have a dump for all the materials, also have a skid steer but the gate is too small for it
    - could rent a dingo for one day to help excavation and bring in the base (plan would be to get everything ready for excavation, excavate for 6" base, sand and pavers and possibly start to bring in base the first day) so i could rent one. One main reason id like to is because currently there is a lot of old river rock that needs to be taken out (she wants it put in the far back yard, even though itll be dirty) and that could be hell to do with a shovel, excavation wouldnt be to bad without the dingo, same with bringin in class 5
    -we can back the dump right up to the gate entrance
    - we have a jumping jack but would need a plate compactor, would you guys say its ok to compact the base with a jumping jack or no? ive heard different opinions

    so over all the only things needed to rent are compactor and possibly dingo (if you think its worth it)
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  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    Take the gate apart and use skid loader
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  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    And I agree with the others - get rid of the radiuses, they're taking up useable square footage. Make it square.
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  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    No rain barrels. They need emptied. People don't even clean their clothes dryer vents and change their furnace filters. They certainly won't fool with a rain barrel.
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  10. andersman02

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    Ill have to take a second visit to see if taking down a part of the fence will be possible, I think ill originally present with a square patio, making points that it should be a little cheaper per sq ft due to less cutting on top of more usable space. Then open them to the other ideas that are most costly.

    For the rain barrel ill also try and explain to them about emptying. Although the ones I was planning on using have a spigot at the bottom to use for watering plants (not sure how it would work as theres no pump and its working off gravity) and there is also a overflow on it so im not sure how much emptying will be involved. Either way its a unnecessary cost to them and they could always add one later on.

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