First pondless nearing completion-looking for criticism

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by andyslawncare, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I'm looking for some constructive criticism to further help me do this better.

    I've tinkered here and there on this for around 10 months and as I get extra stone from jobs. I wanted a more formal look from thin stack flag, and I think my next demo project will be one with field stone. Its in my back yard and will hopefully look good enough when I'm done to get my foot into some jobs with a good build budget. I used thin stack flag, 1 piece of liner and 3 small concrete block walls that I veneered against. Used type s mortar behind each stone layer and in between rear 2/3 stone gaps. The basin is 3' deep all the way across the visible area and about 16'' wide; I used scrap corrugated pipe that I drilled holes into to fill the basin, then used 2 layers of chicken wire before decorating the top.

    I still need to finish securing the top stones and maybe change a few areas. Also, the back still isn't finished because I've been trying to decide on how i'm going to have it start; currently about 1' deep x 1' wide x 2' long is the entrance area, where the hose is clamped to a 1.5'' pvc pipe with cap and adapter--the pipe has about 20 1/4'' holes drilled in it. I'm considering increasing the pump size or changing the spillway stone on the right side. I'm probably going to plant the dry areas this spring. Its plumbed for an auto fill valve and wired for lighting to my existing transformer.

    You can see below the dog where I changed the design :/ I'll probably fix that sooner or later or hide with a plant before I take the selling photos--also considering going back to the original design by knocking out that area. I'm also going to replace the cap stone under the dog.

    Did the whole thing with mostly recycled or left over materials from other jobs--I have maybe $150 in it.

    Things I would have done differently:
    1. Done a design and thought about it more before starting
    2. allowed more room for the fall start area or used a preformed spilway.
    3. not built it while drinking!

    1.should I score the undersides and possibly do something on top of the spillways to encourage a more dramatic drop, as the water is not so much leaking through the wall as it is going off the sides and under the spill stones which is why the wall shows wetness?
    2. Am I close enough to an acceptable product to invest some more time and money to redo with a second feature or should I dress this up a bit and try to sell? I know if I had a bigger budget I would have been able to do a better job picking stones. I'm usually pretty good at flagstone veneering, as you can see between the 2 lower falls (level and tight gaps; same here just used what I had and didn't really put much money into it.

    Thanks for your criticism!

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    Doesn't look bad for a first project.

    You can score the spillway stones or just cant them slightly forward. They need not protrude that much to get the effect that you want.

    My primary concern is the use of chicken wire. This WILL, over time, rust and disintegrate, discoloring the water and possible causing clogging problems in the basin.

    More photos would help.
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    Like tad said not bad for first attempt. Big no no on the chicken wire though depending on your water it will be gone n a year or two. I definitely dont recommend any flagstone under 2" inches thick to create your wall in the water feature it will not last long either. I need to see more pics though.
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