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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Whitepine, Aug 3, 2005.

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    I've been in the lawn business for 3 years now, part-time. I am a tree guy by training, but, I do really enjoy cutting grass.

    I only have about 10 customers right now, but, it does keep me quite busy between my full time job at a tree company, and my tree work for myself.

    One of my questions is, I'm thinking of geting a walk behind mower next year. I only have a L120 John Deere homeowners riding mower, a push mower etc. My question is what would be more valuable to me (keep in mind I have 2 young kids and just bought a house. ie. not alot of money.) My properties range from 1 acre down to small residential lots (used to cut them all with a push mower, yeah that wasn't fun). Two of my lawns have extreme hills and I have to cut them with the push mower. Can you cut these hills with a walk behind? I can't decide whether it would be more profitable to buy a faster, larger riding mower or to try and increase the effiency of the slowest part of my jobs.

    Thanks for your time, any suggestions are greatly aprreciated.
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    We recently bought a walkbehind (36" exmark metro) just for the purpose of large steep hills (and fenced backyards). Depending on the hill you should be able to get the walkbehind on it without any troubles. We cut along river embankments and along the lake with this thing...

    As far as the riding mower goes it's all about preference. If you're getting a good solid cut out of the JD and it's only slightly faster I'd stay with that... If you don't have a lot of money keep your overhead as low as possible.

    I see that you're from Paris, ON (unless there is another Paris in CDN). I'm only about an hour and a half from you, are you enjoying this unusual heat wave? Cause I know I am ;)
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    Sorry, I do work a lot, so I don't really get to the computer too much.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah that heat wave has killed me, the majority of my work is tree climbing. It sure sucks the energy out of you. Glad to see the grass is growing again though.

    Bullletproof, just kind of curious, I know it varies from region to region, but what is the average per hour rate for grass cutting? I think I am pretty reasonably priced, and still make money doing it. Just curious that's all. Maybe I could make a few more bucks. With the equipment I have right now I try to charge beteween $35-$40/hour.

    Thanks again.

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