first post......looking for advice. Bob Cat vs Big Dog

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dchance, May 15, 2013.

  1. dchance

    dchance LawnSite Member
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    Looking at a new Zero turn.

    background: currently run a Cub Zforce 5o inch cut with a Kohler 23hp. 400+hrs. stamped deck. runs great but the rest of the mower seems to be deteriorating. I had the mower worked into the deal when buying the house so I did not buy but it is 8 or 10 years old which is probably not a bad service for it. I currently mow about 2 or 3 of my 5 acres (probably more like 2).

    I am looking at new mowers, but want to stick with local dealers due to warranty.

    I talked to a dealer today that deals both Bob Cat and Big Dog mowers. Looking at the Bobcat CRZ 52in cut and the Big Dog R series with the 54" cut. Both Kawasaki engines. He recommended the Big Dog and priced it at $5300. the BobCat at $4500. But said he would try to work with price to get me into the Big Dog at around the same price as the Bob Cat. He recommended the Big Dog over the Bob Cat.

    So with that background and price range (which I am happy with) what is the Bob Cat vs. Big Dog comparisons? I looked at the brochures and features seem to lean toward the Big Dog, but I really have no experience with either.

    Locally we have dealers of Ariens, Cub, Hustler, Husgvarna(sp), and John Deere and used to have Gravely not sure if they still sell them. But I haven't looked into them yet.


    Do I continue to put $200-$400 per year into my Cub and keep it running until it won't anymore? what can I even expect to get for it if I sold it?

    lots of questions....thanks all!
  2. BruinLawn

    BruinLawn LawnSite Member
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    All I've ever used is bobcat. I've never ran big dog. But I can say that bobcat makes a darn good mid range mower. But that's just my opinion.
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  3. rreyn1812

    rreyn1812 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a BobCat and they are excellent mowers.
  4. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    I would recommend the bobcat, or go look at hustlers main line the hustler instead of the big dog...
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  5. dchance

    dchance LawnSite Member
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    Thanks and keep them coming. The tempting part of this is that the Big Dog is a bigger mower. 23hp Kawasaki vs the 21.5hp that comes on the Bob Cat. 54" cut vs 52". HG ZT 3100 hydraulic system vs. HG ZT 2800.

    Big dog has 11 guage steel deck vs Bob Cat 10 guage.

    That said, I am still unsure due to there being not a ton of reviews out on them.
  6. Brules

    Brules LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from Oklahoma
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    Bog dog is just a lower end Hustler rebranded isnt it?
  7. zrs25

    zrs25 LawnSite Member
    from swva
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    I'm new and in the same boat. I've mowed with the hustler fastrack which is like the big dog 754. I like it a lot, but they were firm on $5500. I looked at the big dog it was $5400 +tax. Didn't like the dealer. I'd pay the extra $100 bucks for the hustler. I believe hustler has a better warranty and larger gas tank, But the big dog has a foldable ROP, I think. I want to stay at the $5000 and under price. So I've also checked out the new kubota kommander the base 48" has zt3100 transmission but a b&s motor. It is $4500 everywhere at the moment. I also looked at the bobcat crz and drove it quoted price @ $4500 +tax for the 52". It is nice but with zt2800! Next up I checked out the gravely zt HD 52" it has zt3100 & a Kawasaki motor which I prefer. Quoted price cash $4800 + tax. It is probably at the top of my list as of now. If I could get the big dog r754 for price of the bobcat that is what I would do. I want the fastrak but can't get past the extra money. I'll be following your thread, seems like we're looking at the same things. Keep us posted!
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  8. dchance

    dchance LawnSite Member
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    zrs25 if the dealer will be able to get me into the Big Dog R754 for the price of the Bob Cat CRZ I think I am leaning that way. with the bigger Kawasaki motor, ZT3100, bigger wheels, floating deck, 2" more cut, not sure what hustlers warranty is, but the Big dog has a 3 year 240hr warranty which isn't bad imo.

    I guess another option would be a Bob Cat FastCat RZ. seems to be more apples to apples with the R754.
  9. zrs25

    zrs25 LawnSite Member
    from swva
    Messages: 13

    Yeah all good features! I haven't seen the fastcat rz, I think it would be more comparable based on specs. The hustler fastrak Warranty is 4yr/400hr which I awesome. I feel that's probably why it cost a hair more than the big dog. I wish my local big dog dealer made a better impression when I looked at them.... They just weren't excited to help me out compared to the others. I used to mow with a commercial bobcat loved it. Decisions decisions!
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  10. dchance

    dchance LawnSite Member
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    yeah, the dealer I am looking at has both Bob Cat and Big Dog, and he wants to do all he can to get me into the Big Dog. Had very good things to say about them.

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