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    First of all, thanks for creating this webpage. I'm 17 years old and have been mowing since I was 12, I started with a 21", then I moved up to a 38" tractor. In 1999 I bought a Chevy 2500 truck, a trailer, and a Scag 48" hydro with a velke(used $1600). I just graduated High School and plan to go to college to study Agronomy or Horticulture. I plan to stay in this business and am considering buying a used Lazer, the one I'm looking at is a 1996, it has 852 hours and is fairly clean, it is $4500. Do you guys think it is a wise investment? Right now I have 16 contracts, 3 of which are over 2 acres. Thanks for your input in advance.
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    Just my opinion but I would wait till end of season to buy (if possible). I bought a 1997 25 hp 60" Lazer last winter with less than 300 hrs. for $5000. Brand new equipment sometimes goes pretty cheap in the off season. I got a list of Exmark dealersin a hundred mile radius and sent emails to each one and was amazed at the variation in prices. For example I also bought a 52" TT HP 17hp Kaw for $3250. It was a demo unit but it had never cut a blade of grass, Deals are out of their if you can wait for them.
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    I agree. $4500 is way too much for this machine.
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    there are many variables with used machines,but if i was going that high ,believe id just get a new one.later now and luck to you.
  5. I also think you should wait

    I had a guy who worked for me and went into bus. for him self
    he bought a '99 Lazer with 800+ hrs on it for $6000
    the mower had been in a car accadent he thought he was getting a good deal on it
    the moron got riped off the frame was bent the front casters bent oil never changed spark plugs never changed it was all original I mean all original from the factary

    he spent $4000 to fix it right and could have baught a brand new one with no problems

    the mower has more trailer sitting time than my 36" because he didn't need it

    I think you should wait till you need it and buy a new one with warrenty
    don't buy something because you want it but it will make your time more profitable
    and if you buy used be vary causious and leary of what your gona buy its hard to sell a POS!
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    THIEM ENT. wrote:
    I'm looking at is a 1996, it has 852 hours and is fairly clean, it is $4500.

    If you can swing $2100.00 more than go to Kohler Equiptment in Bowie and get a brand new 23 Kaw Lazer Z 60" mower for $6600.00.

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