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First Post

TN Property Services

LawnSite Member
Knoxville, TN
Hey all,
New to site and this is my first post. Been looking around for a bit and this is a great site with a lot of information.

About my business:
Tennessee Property Services
2nd season running
2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD DURAMAX
6'6" Open trailer
2005 Everride Warrior 52" ZTR
Echo SRM 260S
Stihl BR550
Stihl MS 180C Chain Saw
Stihl MS 361 Chain Saw
Other various spreading and hand tool equipment


LawnSite Silver Member
I sure hope so. im going to be headed back out as soon as i get my blower back from the mechanic. in the mean time im going to look at new blowers :cry: :cool2: :cry: