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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by twcw5804, Jan 3, 2011.

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    So I'm taking all the advice into account. Spent lots of time at the local college and talked with the wife last night. I have an excellent boss at my full time job. He gets back from CES monday so I will be talking to him Tuesday. If he will allow me to cut my hours back and stay employed, I can then pick my hours back up Dec.1st during the busy cellular season.

    I will start a seperate thread Tuesday with how all this goes. Going to stockpile the cash I'm getting and will wait to buy BOTH items that everyone recommended. The biggest thing I'm excited about is I'm going back to school for something I love. So many people out there doing this stuff the wrong way, I'm going to get a Certificate at the minimum in Turf Management.

    Also thanks Gatewayuser, I have been reading that document in your sig for a couple days now. I've been doing this part time for 7 years now and still finding lots of useful info in it.
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    twcw -- Is there any way you could work for a local/reputable lawn service company for a season or two? You could probably do this on a part-time basis. This would allow you get first-hand experience/knowledge as to what you need to start your own business - equipment, products, customer relations, diagnostic techniques, budgeting, etc, etc. I did this, and we ran a profit our first year in our own business.

    Getting "certified" or acquiring some sort of "license" can NEVER compete with first-hand knowledge & experience. What you need most is "hands-on experience". IMO

    Do you have any local friends in the business that can help you out? Hope so.

    Good luck my friend. Larry :usflag:
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    I have made many friends with local lco's. I have even went as far to mow with one free one time for all the info he has given me, also I gained knowedge on how his biz works.

    I got how to run the mowing operation down, its the add on stuff I dont do well with. The classes im in have lots of hands on labs and I will be through them mid may and will advance onto other things. Ive been in business 7years now, its time to make the plunge
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    What license are you taking the class for? Commercial applicator or Operator.

    Check out They are a great company to deal with and there prices are hard to beat.
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    All the books in the world cannot replace expert training/first-hand experience/safety/ experiences in the field, etc, etc. One can pass tests, attend clinics, get licenses, receive certifications, adhere to local land grant university's policies and their bureaucracy --- yet none of this means "Jack" to me.

    Example: Our own land grant university's research station's facilities look like a "toilet" compared to ours. They are also normally "behind the times" regarding the latest products & equipment. Most often our university relies upon guys like us to report what we're seeing in order for them to mass mail their updates. This especially applies to new pesticides and equipment. Go figure. My 2 cents
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    There are presentations/clinics before each test where they will give you a ton of useful information. All the answers are provided in those clinics. Just take good notes and you will do fine.
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    Hey Riggle. I'm around the 50 customer mark. I do a ton of spraying in my business mostly EM, Mycorrhizae, Liquid Organic Fert, Organic Weed Killers etc. I've used the Stihl Backpack for over a year but curse every time for reasons you have already outlined. I know I'm ready for a Skid Sprayer but my budget is like my hair.

    Anyways, perhaps you can #1 convince me a Skid is worth the investment and #2 Point me towards a model you'd recommend.

    Actually, this is open to everyone! Not just Mr. Riggle Dude.


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