First Products AE-40E (pull behind) Aeravator B&S Engine

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    I've found a new First Products AE-40E (pull behind) Aeravator but this unit has a 8 HP B&S Engine.

    This unit has the following description:

    "As the rotors freely roll, the engine powers the tines to vibrate rapidly in a burrowing motion to penetrate and fracture harder soils with less weight.A single hand held switch lowers or raises the rotor via a linear actuator which simultaneously engages or disengages the belt drive.8 hp B&S engine. Requires min. 12 hp tractor. Swath 40". Depth of aeration 3.25".6 holes per sq. ft. 9/16" x 31/4" forged hardened tines" . . .


    1. What is a fair price for one of these units with the B&S versus the Honda engine?

    2. Does anybody have experience with the B&S engine on this unit?

    3. Would you want to pay less for a unit with the B&S engine? If so, how much.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

    Jim Shafer

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