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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by frdm12, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. frdm12

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    I started a landscaping company this year and I'm bidding on my first retaining wall job. The wall will be 25 feet long with about 15 feet being at 4' tall and then tapering down to 2 feet. There currently is a retaining wall of boulders that was made by the home builder probably 15 years ago that has to be removed. The homeowner said we can find a place around the property to drop the rocks so I dont have to remove them.

    This is what I've got:
    Wall block: $1400
    Gravel for Base: $20
    Crushed stone for behind: $100 delivered
    Skid steer rental: $300
    Hired labor: $200
    Cut off saw rental: $100
    Fabric: $100
    Total: $2220

    I was figuring I should make about $1000 which would bring the total to $3220. To me that sounds like a lot of money for a 100 square foot retaining wall. What do you guys think?
  2. Inspira

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    Not sure where you're located, but I have a RR-tie wall that needs to be replaced that's almost exactly the same size, and I can't get a quote for less than 10 grand!
  3. frdm12

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    Wow that seems crazy. I'm in New Hampshire.
  4. Inspira

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    Yeah, here in Jersey we pay a ton for everything...
  5. steve5966

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    At this price I should look at sending crews to the east coast.
  6. Krafty

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    Ill call it eight and be at your house tommorow. 10 grand seems crazy. I try to get around 30 per square foot on my tie tear outs depending on access or any other special conditions though. But then again I'm in the midwest.

    Also what kind of blocks are you using. For around here 1400 seems a bit steep for only close to 100sq ft of block.

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