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First seasonal color of the Season


LawnSite Senior Member
Went out today, and picked up a few sample flats to use as visual aid during a few of my proposals, and ended up doing a small job for one of my accounts who begged me to plant because they are having a family gathering on tomorrow. I didnt want to do it, because I wasn't planning on doing a full clean-up on his lawn until 4/30/07, and really didnt feel like cleaning out all the debris from the pea gravel, and trimming back all his shrubs. I was able to talk him into just allowing my to plant, and schedule the clean-up for the regular date. But this is only the beginning, of a long 5 weeks of planting, planting, planting....Ordered 125 flats to start, and will have another 150 coming by early May @ $8.95 per flat, with 32 plants per flat and I charge $30 per flat installed, plus extras. I am a little excited, and just glad I waited until now to start planting, because all those who planted early, paid the price literally. I only used about 3 flats on this job, charged $125. Included top soil, fert, and tilling and clean out fall color.