First seed germinates in spring

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, May 2, 2013.

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    My compost covering from last Falls' dormant seeding, didn't even wash, let alone blow away... Is that hydromulch 'shredded cardboard'??? that stuff is worse than useless if it ever dries out, in that it becomes hydro-phobic as badly as spahgnum moss when dry...
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    I can tell you don't know what hydro mulch is

    There are 3 different kinds
    None I seen and used or has cardboard in it, Paper , Slick paper, Wood Fiber

    Hydro seeding isn't best thing to do when temps are cool. Its was a USDA thing bare dirt had to be cover with Hydro mulch No straw and No Compost

    I had Straw covered lawns I did last fall and they are green and didn't wash or blow away. So what's your point.

    I like hear some info about yourself
    How many New Lawns do you install each year?
    What is the biggest lawn you installed?
    You have any photos Before and after?

    Here pic of my one of mine I did this spring 14 days after The pic is of the back lawn I took it when, I was fixing the lawn next door, of a water problem.

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    I do full time care of a number of estates and haven't accepted new jobs for over 20 years, other than favors... I realize that many of the LCOs are constantly on the move, from job to job and if that is how your business model operates, fine... the point is that grass seed and germination doesn't change to fit business models... you use straw and it works,,, others water 2 or 3 times a day and it fails... WHY?
    the bottom line is that most LCOs are afraid to sow seed in the Spring because the formulas/information and strategies for success are incomplete...

    In my business model, I must do everything to the peak of excellence in order to succeed... doing extraordinary in one area does not allow me to fail in others... last year killed a lot of turf that were w/out irrigation, so what is my solution???
    Doing what works best and I learn about different things by discussing them in this forum,,, however I see that many are always wanting to get into a p****** contest about who is better and that becomes tedious,,, realquick...
    So now that youknow all about me,,, what difference does it make??? :)
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    So you haven't installed a New lawn?
    Easy now don't get all mad I just ask a simple question is all.
    You give a lot good and bad advice to people on here I just wanted know your back ground is all.
    I take care a lot estates and 80% of them I installed the lawn / landscape
    60% Commercial Jobs I mow I installed there Lawns/Landscape
    I'm a Full service Company Since 1981.

    The difference is there a lot people can talk about it but when comes down doing the work has no clue what or how to do it.
    Most time they don't have right equipment to do the job the right way.

    The state you are from I could see why you need to use compost to get anything to grow. I been there . From your soil I see why you need a sprinkler to keep grass growing. Seen from farm land that they use irrigation grow crops up there , like down here you don't see that much .

    Like one lawn repair I did 2 weeks ago I dug down a foot never hit clay it was all black dirt clean dirt. I hauled 5 loads out of this one lawn to get the lawn to drain water.
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    I was installing lawns a lot when I first got started in the business, but the last complete install I did was about 15 years ago... you think I've been talking a big game, but when it comes down to DOING it I haven't a clue??? You think the only way Wisco farms can function is with irrigation??? Lawns too??? I've farmed my entire life without irrigation and I cared for a lot of properties w/out irrigation before I settled into the current neighborhood...
    I have no reason to talk with you... :)
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    15 yrs ago last install Why did you stop?
    So you only installed new lawns for the first 5 yrs

    No with the farm I seen more irrigation up there then I ever seen down here must be a reason for that.
    Don't get so bent out of shape
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    What makes you think I was in business for 20 years??? I didn't "quit" renovations , I Finished... the idea of working as a full maintenance in one neighborhood means that I don't take on new clients or lawns that need renovation... mine are all done now...

    I didn't realize that the expression, "getting bent out of shape", was also an expression used in MO...

    They started with irrigation in "the sands" for potatoes, back in the 60s... Ore-Ida and Del-Monte both require irrigation in order to contract with the growers... no time for crop failure or reduced yeild when planning their expected demand for the upcoming year...
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    So are you Solo ?
    Have any one neighborhood renovation photos?

    That's kool on the irrigation, wasn't sure what was growing when I was up there in the fall. I know seen some fields was corn but some was empty

    I must been reading wrong. So how long have you been in business then?
    What is your company name?
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    I am solo, along with my wife who is also self-employed in her own right and solo...
    there was a company name when the business was incorporated with my son years ago, but since he's gone back to the 9-5 routine,,, the corporation was killed, so no more company name...

    The clients in this neighborhood would probably not appreciate their lawns and gardens being photographed and plastered onto the internet, so I only do anonomous close-up shots of whatever it is I'm interested in...

    There are some nice areas of dormant seeding that came through well and other areas that produced nothing... neither are worth photographing and once I finally get the Springtime activities caught up I'll be back to planting grass in the non-productive areas... the h.o.s definately allowed some very nice areas to die off last year and now I'll be all Summer long trying to get them back... :)
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    So you are not running a your city business License.
    You can keep the company name if you drop the corporation part. I know a guy that drop the Inc and running LLC

    You don't to have take pic of the house just the lawn
    How many customers do you take care off.

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