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    Yes you should. Listen, I use my D30 to run tree guns and high pressure spray wands at 550 psi all day long 12 months out of the year. My spray system is set up with the bypass from the regulator going right back into the tank with no valves or any other obstructions on that line. A jet agitation system is fed by the second ball valve on the regulating manifold, not the bypass line. Doing this, I replace diaphragms and valves once a year as PM. Never blew a diaphragm in the field.

    The pulsation dampener is under the metal dome screwed down with 6 or 8 bolts and containing an air fill valve tapped into it. You should have 20% in air pressure of you normal spraying pressure in that air fill valve.
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    I have the same sprayer but mine is a few years newer. I love the machine, I never had any problems with it in the 4 years of owning it.
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    I've been busy lately but I wanted to follow up. I am terrible about replying here on Lawnsite. I finally got the sprayer up and running properly this past weekend. Here's a list of things I did:
    • New hoses
    • New diaphragms
    • New pressure gauge
    • New hose return switch
    • New hose reel chain cover
    • Re-routed bypass line
    • Changed all fluids, spark plugs and filters
    • Calibrate
    • Wired to truck battery and ground

    I calibrated it to 2 gallons per 1000 sq ft which takes me 30 seconds. I am running it at 180 psi. Originally I tried spraying 1000 sq ft in 60 seconds (I read that here on Lawnsite somewhere) but I was using more than 5 gallons of water. I had the pressure down below 50 and still couldn't get less that 3.5 gallons in 60 seconds. I practiced and became very comfortable spraying it evenly while averaging 30 seconds which put me right at 2 gallons. I am tall and take long strides, I feel like it was an okay pace although I certainly understand about getting tired towards the end of the day.
    What do you guys think? What pressure and GPM do you guys run? I'll be spraying post emergent products mainly but am definitely interested in learning to custom blend fertilizers.

  4. Above Par Lawns

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    I never did find this pulsation dampener you speak of! Lesco didn't even know what I was talking about. They said my d403 pump doesn't have one??!?
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    I think you got a great deal. A replacement gage is cheap to buy. I suggest getting a manual for all major components. I like what you bought, and it should be fairly easy to work on. Nice rig. Great price.
  6. Above Par Lawns

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    Thanks man. I'm excited to put it into action.

    I forgot to ask... Is it going to be okay for this thing to be outside all the time? It's mounted in my daily driver and I don't have anything to easily load and unload it. It rained it's ass off last night and is going too again all day tomorrow. I threw a tarp over it overnight but can't really keep it covered all the time. I dont have enough garage space to park it inside.
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    nice rig.. wondering what size truck is it in? since i only have a 100 gallon skid and a 50 gallon skid i am calibrating at 1.5 gallons per minute so i can get more out of a fill. Using the blue nozzles.

  8. Above Par Lawns

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    It's in a 3/4 ton Sierra 2500 HD
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    Here's a picture.

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    Your operating at 180 psi? Are you sure? I put out 2 gallons per k at around 15 psi. I will look tomorrow while I'm spraying
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