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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jrlandscaping781, May 22, 2007.

  1. jrlandscaping781

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    Hello all,

    I will be bidding on a small sod job for a customer. This will be my first sod installation. Have done plenty of lawn seeding / overseeding but no sod. Its only approx. 3000 sq ft which is small enough for me to get some experience and learn from my mistakes. Here is my plan and quote. I will be doing the work myself. This is a great site and any advice is appreciated... I can purchase the sod for $1.25 yrd delivered (100 yrds a skid)

    Harley rake area $300
    Final hand raking 1.5 hr $60
    Fertilize 15-30-15 $50
    3.5 skids sod 30% mark-up $568
    Lay sod 6 hrs ($40 labor rate) $240
    Roll sod $40
    Clean-up 1.5 hrs $60
    Disposal $85

    Total $1,403

    Gross profit $965.50

    $.47 sq ft installed
  2. NickN

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    100 yds per pallet?
    That's two pallets(normally 50 yds per) on one?
    I'd be closer $2K on this small job and I'd have a good worker or two_One laying sod and matching seems while two brought sod off pallets and placed them.Trust me,by yourself,3000 sq ft of sod is going to slow you down.Especially after you've done all the prep work.Let others help and save your back for future jobs.
  3. Fairway Land & Lawn

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    I have no idea what your market is like, but around here I can easily get $1.30-$1.80 per square foot... For a small area like that my Pricing would be on the high side because I dont receive any bulk discounts, and have to use small equipment. The prices above include removal of old turf, top soil, necessary soil ammendments, prep, and installation...Love sod work, it is easy, quick and profitable. Also, customers are always happy because they get instant gratification, at least untill their next water bill shows up......:dizzy:
  4. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I just did a 1440 sq ft job and got $1525...... Basically the same terms as your job.....
  5. dcwservices

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    iam doin one this fri, 1850 square feet for $1,940.00,
  6. fargoboy

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    who's watering. You can spend significant amount of time watering
  7. Fairway Land & Lawn

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    I will do the initial watering after we roll it out and the guys are loading up the truck. After that, it is the customers responsibility. If they want me to do it, I will gladly show up for a "service call" that takes 20 minutes and they pay a minimum $75 stop charge.....Especially 2 or 3 times a day..I have been asked, but then they hear the price and that conversation is over rather quickly..
  8. Lawnworks

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    Sounds like half a days work or 10 man hours. Priced right to me... but it is all about the cost of living in your area. You really can't compare prices online. My 200k house is a 1.5 mil house in other parts of the country.

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