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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by recycledsole, Nov 20, 2012.

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    hello Sir
    thanks for the reply. house isnt for sale. they just bough it. that is a contractors yard ad.
    which tree are you talking about cutting? the one on the left SIDE of the house or the one on the left FRONT of the house? i already told them to cut the one on the side down. they are not sure. it is actully bending their gutter and hitting their house already. not to mention the leaves drop all over their roof, etc...
    i dont use roundup, but i do have a tiller. thanks for your response it was very helpful.
    thank you
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    I am talking about the tree at the left front of the house. If the tree on the side is touching then it definitely need's to go, now. That can cause a lot of damage when the wind blow's. People are sentimental about tree's, but they cause all kind's of problem's. Tree's and house's don't mix well.
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    ok, first off, a pallet generally covers 450-500 sq. ft...around here i think sod is right around 18¢ per sq your sod place seems high but that might be the going rate for your area...some people SAY they charge $1 to $1.50 per sq ft...well that would come out to about $500 per pallet that COSTS you $90 and doesn't even take one hour to put down...i don't see how anyone can justify $500/pallet and that is coming from someone who is not a low baller by any means...i like the triple pricing of the cost, so somewhere between $225-250/pallet, strictly laying, no prep work...can anyone else chime in on pricing? i'm curious on what others would have to say...i know some people would just charge 1 labor hour per pallet, so you are looking at $150/ pallet...the numbers are all over the board
  4. GreenI.A.

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    His prices seem pretty good for the north east. Obviously prices vary between types of grass, qty ordered and the qty you use throughout the year. We generally charge in the 1.50 a ft range, but that include prepping the area before hand and two fert apps.
  5. Patriot Services

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    That would be me charging/getting a dollar a sqft for SA sod. How do I justify that? I pay to have the turf killed off. I own two 5000 dollar sod cutters to properly cut out old turf. I add/remove/move/amend the soil so it is fertile, level and the new sod doesn't stand proud looking like an old burial mound. I use top quality sod. I ensure proper watering. I provide after care and warranty. Still think I charge too much? Drop and kick jobs stand out like sore thumbs and look good for about 3 weeks then it's all downhill:usflag:
  6. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    1. Rent a sod cutter to remove old soil
    2. LIGHTY till surface of dirt to loosen soil, make sure its good soil or else add topsoil w/compost.
    3. $1 per sq ft is a good number for someone starting out, make sure you cover all expenses and have a good profit. DON'T charge too much because you don't know what you are doing.
    4. Make sure sod will sit nicely against sidewalk before you bring in the sod.
    5. Spread STARTER fertilizer properly, lightly water lawn.
    6. You want to lightly water lawn so the ground is moist enough to give the roots the easiest access, but not muddy so that you are making a mess.
    7. Don't worry about checker-whatever crap, run them all the same way vertically or horizontally.
    8. You will need use sod spikes, they are cheap. BUY THEM OR ELSE YOU WILL LOOSE THE LAWN DOWN THE SLOPE!
    9. Tell them that they need to water every morning before 11am, if they water too much later after that the water will not get soaked into the ground and a fungus will form underneath the sod.
    10. Make them water it because that is something that they can blame you for if a section doesn't grow.
    11. If a section is starting to die a few days after it is laid, just replace it right away or else the customer has to look at a brown rectangle and they will cuss you out.
    12. Drive by the lawn every other day if it is close by.

    Talk with your local sod dealer when they have time, they are their to help you not hurt you. They will also usually keep your card on a board as a reference for customers to see.
    Morningstar Turf Farms in Newark, DE is where I go. The more sod you buy the less the price is. Our sod comes in a pallet of 600 sq ft., I believe 10 sq ft sections. Talk to anyone you know locally in the business.

    if you are anywhere near Newark, DE I would be willing to stop over and talk you through it or even help you out on the first job if you would like.


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