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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnInOrder, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. LawnInOrder

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    well i got my first sod job. I have to go and measure the property to see how much square footage but if i had to estimate it would be about 30' X20'. My question is: What is the proper way to do the job from start to finish and what equipment would i need to rent. This is my first sod job and don;t want to screw it up. I sorta wanna use this House as a reference since i am doing mulch and installing plants and shrubs. Thanks in advanced. LawnInOrder
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    Not enough info to answer your question - is there anything there currently , how much prep will be needed , has there been a soil test , is the area irrigated. etc. A picture would be worth a thousand words ... but , you need 600 sq ft and one pallet contains around 500 - it would be nice if the area can be the size of one pallet so maybe there could be a natural area included ? You will have to haul the sod or pay a very high drop charge for just one pallet , which incidentally weighs about 2000 lbs. Ground must be prepped before sodding - I use a Toro Dingo with a Harley rake , imo the best method by far to prepare the soil . It is essential to level the soil - alternate the seams every row - use a sharp shovel , machete or stick edger to cut the pieces - roll the sod after watering it in - don't let the sod dry out . Just some general thoughts , but a picture or description would also be helpful . Its a little more complicated than it initially seems if you want a really nice piece of turf.
  3. LawnInOrder

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    i will be taking pictures today and measure the property.
  4. Duramaxdiesel

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    Good advice given up top. Also, after everything is prepared and leveled and you're ready to lay down the sod, make sure that you stagger the rolls. You don't want the rows to all line up.
  5. LawnInOrder

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    ok here are some quick pictures of the back yard. I will send you a diagram of the size.





  6. LawnInOrder

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    here is a little picture i drew up real quick. let me know if you guyss need anythign other info. I went to the sod store and they got a pallet which covers 600 sqf for $275 and top soil is $22/yard. what would you charge. also the best way to go about doing it. Let me know. Thanks LawnInOrder
  7. LawnInOrder

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    here the diagram

  8. bishoplandscape

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    Wow there hitting you hard on the sod here i can get 600 sq ft for 75.00 and thats good stuff.
  9. bishoplandscape

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    Dang i can get enough sod to do more then enough for like 190.00 out the door. if it was our job we would bring in the skid scrape out all the old grass haul it off. bring in some topsoil spread it hit it with the harley rake lay the sod roll it out and load up. thats a small job should be able to finish in one day if you can line things up correctly. as for price i cant figure out your cost and all my material is a lot cheaper and we have the equipment and do the hauling.:drinkup:
  10. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    y your drawing, I get 1000 sq feet. Don't worry abut adding topsoil... just round up it now then run over with a mantis in a week. That's all you need to do to have it prepped

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