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Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Bwing96, May 19, 2014.

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    I rented a Vermeer SC 252 thinking it wouldn't take me long to do the few I had, boy was I wrong. I had 3 Bradford Pear stumps that were cut as low as I could get them. One was 24" and 2 were 18". The 2 that were 18" weren't too bad. I think I ground both of them and 1 old half rotten stump that was about 6" all I about 2 hrs. The biggest 24" stump took me 4 hrs. The motor never seemed to lug down but if you tried to take very much of a bite at all it wouldn't swing in the direction of cut. You would be lucky to cut 1/8" at a time. Sometimes it would make large shavings when cutting good but most of the time it made fine shavings or saw dust, smaller than a chainsaw would produce. I accused them of sending it out with dull teeth but they claimed they were new, which I doubt. Are the Bradford pears just tat hard too grind or is the 252 just a real POS?
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    The teeth are made to be blunt. The harder the wood the better it cuts. In soft wood it is more of a sponge and it doesent like to cut it. Pines are a royal pita with it.
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