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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BenchMark Landscaping, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Well, I got my first lawn job yesterday....I handed out about 50 doorhangers that I made myself using Gopher's templates and then I just went door to door with my girlfriend and we handed them out on two streets...I really only wanted to do those to streets because it's in my parent's neighborhood that I grew up in and my dad was telling me that this person needs that and that persons need I kinda tailored the hangers to that and put them out...anyways, I get a call and I got out and look at the yard yesterday...I tell the woman that it'll be between 45-50 dollars for the cut, trim, edge, blow...and she tells me "Well, that's a good price..." so I we talk for a little while longer and I tell her being the fact that it's the first time I will be servicing the yard that it may be a little more depending on how long it took and she said that was more than fine...the yard has been cut last weekend but the edging and trimming doesn't look like it's been done in about a month or so...

    anyways, I just thought I would share in my enthusiasm....I know it's just one yard, but it's my first and it won't be my's something to build on...

    a little background story that is kinda funny about this yard...when I was like 10-12 I went around the neighborhood looking for yards to cut to save up for something, I think it was more of a lesson from my folks about earning and saving money than anything....anyways, I had a few lawns in the neighborhood that I just cut for like $5...and I was over joyed with it...anyways, I was walking the mower down the street in front of this house that I just got the job at and they asked me if I wanted to cut the lawn...I told them that I charge everyone $5 but there's was a corner lot so it would be $7...:D...they said alright...different owner btw...

    so the next day I goto cut the grass and I really hadn't noticed how high the grass was...and at that age I had no concept of the adjustments on the mower to know that I could have raised the deck if I wanted I just cut it at the height I cut everyone's elses grass which was average hieght to I cut the first day and the grass cut my butt really bad...I cut like a third of the front yard in like 2-3 hours the first was very overwhelming to me...anyways, I begged and begged my dad to go cut the yard for me and he wouldn' eventually I finished the yard three days after I had started with some of my dad's

    so when I got the job I called him and told him about it and reminded about the cut we did when I was a youngin' and first words outta his mouth..."I ain't helpin ya with it again...:D...I love my dad...
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    That's a good story about mowing when you were a kid. When I was a kid I mowed people's lawn with a push mower, the kind with no motor and I charged about $3. Then my dad got a used power mower and I thought I was in heaven. My big account was a $4 lawn.

    I wish you the best with your new business. Keep looking through this site for advice and more information. Many of these guys have a lot of wisdom and are very willing to help you.

    Take care,
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    got to start with the first of anything you do..... :)
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    Back in the 80's, I did them for 10 bucks usually using THEIR push or self-propelled 21". Can't remember if we knew what weed-eating was, but it all got cut and I sweated for a couple hours and 10 dollars later, life was good.
    Then I got a job at McDonald's and remember thinking the work was a bit easier for about the same pay ($3.35 was the minimum wage), the only thing bothered me was that no matter how I looked at it, there sure didn't seem to be much money in this working world.
    I don't wanna talk about the rest, but 20-some years later $45/hour rules.
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    thanks for the encouragement...I hope to have 20 weekly mowing accounts by the middle of next goal for next year is to get enough return business for 2007, that I can go full-time when spring comes around...
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    Congrats and best wishes on the new biz!

    Just think, all you have to do is get 50 more people like her and you're off to the races.

    Small steps can lead to big things.

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