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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ronslawncare, Apr 22, 2001.

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    i got a customer that wants me to put down sod just her back yard can any1 let me know from a-z how to do this from measuring the property out to putting it down. .i had 4 other jobs like this two i turned down two also wanted sprinlers so i gave away.also what to charge per square foot and do i order the sod cut .everything anyone can tell me besides green side up i would appreciate it very much thanx ronnie.
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    I don't have much time, so maybe someone else can go into more depth or I can later if you have more questions. Heres the rundown really quick.

    Kill the turf thats there, power rake, till, or dethatch (whatever is needed in your case) and add topsoil where you need it.

    I'm not very educated anymore about the chemicals or starters being used, but I was always told to throw a little lime down first, so I did and never had any problems.

    After its leveled, you will want to measure the sq. ft. of the area - Length x width

    When you go buy the sod, order extra!! Your always going to rip a piece or something else, so I always get extra and there will be somewhere that I can use it on.

    No matter if they sell it in strips or rolls, sq. ft. is sq. ft. and they'll know how much you need.

    Roll it or place it on the dirt and but the joints together tight. When you come to edges, I used an old kitchen knife to cut it, and same thing again, but the joints tight.

    Some people like to roll it when they're done, some don't. I never did and it always turned out okay.


    Good Luck, sorry I couldn't go into more detail!

    Let me know if you have any questions about what I'm talking about!

    Hope this helped!
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    Like he said-WATER IT! as soon as you can after its down. My crew can lay about 3000 square feet per guy per day unless the job is wide open then they do more. Lots of cuts take lots of time. Also try to avoid cutting tiny little strips on the outside edges. Better to have the small peices surrounded by other sod so they dont dry out. Do this by laying a header course (a full width peice of sod)around all perimiters.
    To measure length x width. If it is weird shapes take a notebook and try to break it down to smaller peices then add up the totals. And you thought you didn't have to study when they taught geometry cause you were gonna be a landscaper. Call the sod farm to find out prices and what amount comes on a pallet before you bid. Good luck.
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    Go to my web site everything you need to know is in there.

    I charge 11 cents per square foot for installation on top of prep, sod, fert, etc.

    Hope it helps. Some of the links on my links page may prove most useful.

    Good Luck
  5. ronslawncare

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    thanxs guy for all the info im going to be measureing out that property tommorrow .two questions after i spray round up do i need a sod cutter to remove the turf or just rottotill it.second question when doing sod do you ask for half the money up front to cover all your exspenses and the other half would be your profit.

    so do it it in this order.

    1.measure out property.
    2.spray round up to kill lawn.
    3.rottotill soil remove rocks and debris.
    4.make soil amendments ,rake peat,lime,starter fertiler in.
    5.make final grade smooth out uneven areas.
    6.roll soil to level it.
    7.lay sod.
    8.cut sod with big kitchen knife for curved surfaces.
    9.roll sod after installed.
    10.water thouroughly
  6. EarthWorks

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    We use cheap machetes instead of kitchen knives for cutting in. I would think they would be faster. If the area and job is big enough I would strongly recommend using a power rake insteadof a tiller. Easier on the back too.
  7. ronslawncare

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    you can strip the turf with a power rake what after i spray the roundup i should do that.

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