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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. lawnboy82

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    i dont know how to feel about this. usually i dont drop lawns, they drop me because i cant keep up with all of the work. well friday i had gone to a customer's house. we cut the front, no problem. went into the back and i started to smell it. i have been workin there now for about 2 years. and this problem has been there the whole time. i told my guy angel to stay away from the area. because 1) it smelled so bad, and 2) because i didnt wanna have to pull the machine out. this guy has an area about i would say, 20 by 30. some of it is soft, but a good amount of it is septic sludge. the stuff just oozes up out of the ground. so you have to walk in it to trim. not a fun thing to do. :( they also took for my fall cleanup last year, 7 months and 1 day to pay me. this guy is a rabbi. a real rabbi. i went to the door and i said to his wife, i cant do your lawn anymore, it's the septic, and gettin paid, and you are too far out of my way. the lawn also has roots all over the place, so if you are cutting you cant go near about 1/3 of the back yard because otherwise you are gettin a handlebar to the gut. i felt kind of bad for doing this, because he is the rabbi at the synagogue i go to, and was gonna join. and he also just lost a job. but ya know what? i will get over it, and find new, better customers to fill his place.
  2. bob

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    A few years ago, I decided to drop all lawns that I hated to cut.
    Let's face, our jobs are hard enough, without having to dodge obsticals and slow-paying customers. For every lawn that you drop, there's 10 more that want your services.
  3. mowerman90

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    It's done, it's overwith, don't EVER look back! You made the right decision.
  4. crazygator

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    Well think about this. Did you ever factor in all the time spent cleaning the mower you just sank in the sewer? Time equals money. You did the right thing and If he has a problem with it with you, just wait till the next lco comes around and bills him more. And as stated above, always look forward and never behind!
  5. SLS

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    You should be ashamed of yourself, lawnboy82!

    nah..just kidding. :D

    I'd dump them like a load 'o bricks too.

    Let someone else mow their sewer.heheheh.
  6. HOMER

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    Like I said:

    If you dread it shed it! You did the right thing. 7 months? I think I would have done it 5 months ago, and that's being real generous.
  7. 65hoss

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    Drop the junk, lifes to short.
  8. rdh

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    the people next door to me had a septic problem it smelled so bad on some days you couldnt sit on the back porch.
    didnt take long to call the county on them nasty people.i guess the county gave them a time frame to have it fixed so they didnt get in no hurry by then it was coming in my yard and i was gone and my girl cut the grass and got my dane chariot stuck in it .the kids said she called them every name in the book when they came out of there house to get in there car .she had rocks and wood old clothes from the barn under the tires to try to get it out. i am lucky she didnt tear my mower up trying to get it out. well she did get it out. but i would have liked to have been there just to hear her call those people nasty a$#es
  9. bobbygedd

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    dont be afraid to drop customers. just recently we restructured and in doing so raised prices, changed polocies, and got rid of the lawns that are a disaster to cut , take too long, bang up our equipment, and customers who give us a hard time. it is much more pleasant now to go to work, and much more profitable.
  10. lawnboy82

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    how many of you mow places with septic problems? i find it to be horrible. a friend of mine, who i have known now for many years also cut one place like this, however it was right by his shop, so it was really easy to do.

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