First time for this sized account. Please help.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Above Par Lawns, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Above Par Lawns

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    Ok guys, I have never gave an estimate for this sized lot before so I need some help determining how long the job will take. I will be using a 60 inch zero turn mower. I do not know the total square footage Unfortunately and don't really want to be out there with my measuring wheel on the size property to get it. There are three houses and a large shop on the property, as Well as a full-size basketball court and pool. This is my friends parents property and have agreed to let me cut for them on a weekly basis this year. Should I go measure the property even though it will take forever? I know there is a computer program out there that will measure you the property via satellites but I do not have that nor the money to get it. I am thinking about hiring one person to help me on this property with weed eating and blowing so would like to be around the 70.00 per hour range. Based off of this picture alone what would you guys put in an offer at? I greatly appreciate it.

  2. Above Par Lawns

    Above Par Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hope this picture helps.

    Duke 2.jpg
  3. agrostis

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    That's not big, it will only take an hour or two to measure. And you need to measure it, no question. Cut all those funny shape's into square's and rectangle's when you measure, write all those number's down and add them up.
  4. 205mx

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    The worst part is the undefined shapes. Takes time to cut.
  5. Landrus2

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    You don't have a street view picture:waving:
  6. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Price each house individually and add them up.

    Hillbillly guess is about $200-250/week
  7. dstifel

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    Service vine free online measuring tool gets pretty close to. I usually measure three times with it and take the biggest number to be safe.
  8. jones68

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    someone on a different thread posted a link to an online measuring tool. I forget what it was but a quick search should find it. good luck i dont like the online measuring it cannot see small things that you have to go around which all take time. in my opinion nothing beats walking the yard. i do not measure when i price a yard. since i will be the one mowing for the most part i know what i can get done per hour and base it off that. 10,000sqft on 1 yard may not equal 10,000sqft on another
  9. Roger

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    "... Should I go measure the property even though it will take forever? ..."

    Not to be critical or harsh, but if this is your approach to this sized job, perhaps it is not one you should be attempting to land. Even if it takes you two hours to measure off, and get it right, the two hours will be trivial if you ignore measuring, and estimate the job 30 minutes short for each visit.

    There are online tools for property measurements that are very accurate, and cost nothing. But, if you not willing to invest some time in a good estimate, them maybe you are stepping into a hornets nest that will sting you in the end.
  10. LandFakers

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    I would definitely go measure the property, or worst case if you are that lazy wait for spring to come around and tell them to let you cut it once so you can figure out your price. If this is your friend that could be an option. I did the second of those options once whit the largest property I Currently have (3 acres). I gave him a ballpark figure but asked him if he wouldnt mind me cutting it first to get my time down as I had never done such a property before. He gladly agreed.

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