First time for this sized account. Please help.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Above Par Lawns, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. lawnpro724

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    Around here property that size would be bring in around $400-$500 a cut depending on amount of trimming and blowing needed.
  2. herler

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    I'm all in at Four hundred and seventy dollars.
  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Go walk it off dang thats part of the business knowing sq ft of lawns and you get a feel of the land you cant get that from a picture
  4. bel-nor

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    Hello Above Par and Mo Turk always good to see Missouri Mowers onboard. Sir your in missouri I know you must have a Yardage Pro or similar distance measuring tool for deer hunting. This tool is in my truck 24/7 for quick measuring larger areas as refernce to lot sizes. Total all your areas and figure the acreage and apply that price, then add in your trimming and blow vac hard surfaces. These propertie(s) could handle a yearly rate that will be divided by 8 months. This rate should include every service you will perform divided by 8. AP if you can mock mow the property to get and idea of how much time you will spend on the mower in one area that would help the axniousness for this job. Good luck and look at this in small portion not the overall mass of property.
  5. orangemower

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    Go to the app store and take a look.

    Being you'll be putting down herbicides and stuff, you obviously have a license for it right? I'd find it hard to believe that you do if you can't even begin to figure out what to charge to cut grass.

    Making smart comments to Roger isn't going to get you far either. He's one of just a few that actually know what they are doing.
  6. StanWilhite

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    Right, one poster was apparently thinking he was shooting for 70.00 per man hr, (he stated 70.00 PMH) instead of 70.00 per hr combined, which is as you said, an average of 35.00/hr.
  7. chesterlawn

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    Looking at it $250 does seem low, but if he was kicking the idea around of giving you the job it might pay to go and talk to him. Give him the price you were thinking of and sell yourself, find out why he wanted to switch and talk about the benefits you would bring to his property. I would love to have that job.
  8. Matlock Lawncare

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    Above Par, I understand the learning curve and one thing that has always stuck with me about learning about bidding on a property is an easy sentence to remember when your looking at what your bidding and you think "man that's a lot of money". Don't bid their lawn with your wallet. im sure you get it but just bid the bid and don't drop your price cause you think its too much. They are getting bids for a reason, cause they can afford it, and if they cant then you will find out when they don't take your bid, but don't compromise. Hopefully that will work for you the way it does for me! Good luck
  9. Above Par Lawns

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    Damn how did I never think of this! Of course I have a Bushnell laying around somewhere! It never crossed my mind to it for measuring large properties. :hammerhead:

    I am taking my test on the 14th to get my license. I just took an 8 week class on Pesticides and am confident going into my test. Don't assume just because I have no experience bidding larger properties that I'm clueless about everything else. The Green Industry is my passion, I love what we do. This will be my first year mowing lawns so pardon me for asking a simple question that YOU may think is dumb.

    And who the hell is Roger.

    Great Advice! Thanks man.

    I talked to him finally. He's going to stick with 'the other guys' for this year which I think is better for me anyways. They cut his office as well and it's pretty large. He even told me that he knew he was getting a steal. Since he's getting such a good deal on mowing he said he wants me to make some changes in his landscaping and handle weed & feed. I'll make a nice profit handling all this for him and it'll be neat to do some design work on such a nice property!
  10. StanWilhite

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    Sorry, this post was worded badly and is confusing.
    I was attempting to point out that a poster had used the term 70.00/ PMH, but I thought the OP was originally meaning 70.00 for him and a helper, which is obviously 35.00/ PMH (average).

    Maybe someone will delete it for me.
    Thanks, Stan

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