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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Myk, Mar 31, 2007.

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    In my area grass is growing fast. I'm still getting calls for estimates on cutting grass in this case the grass has missed two cuttings so the yard is getting tall. I'm not sure what to do in this case do I charge more cause theres more grass to cut but if I cut the grass to where it needs to be I'm afraid of killing off the grass. I don't bag. So if this was you what would you do and would you charge more and if so how much more? Thanks for the input.

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    You should always charge more than a regular cut on those jobs. How much more is up to you.

    I try to bag as little as possible but if it's out of control it's necessary to bag. If you don't have a catcher you'll probably have to rake it up, charge accordingly.
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    i dont bag as well, charge more, cut it higher than normal so you dont leave alot of clumps and maybe cut it twice, hence the higher price. then you will need to come back sooner and cut it a bit lower. if its really bad you go in a circle or square shape and blow into the middle, rake it up then cut it again nicely stripping it
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    One trick I learned with really tall grass (but it only works great with the Z) is I have a dial setting for the deck so I start out at 5.5" cut height or as high as I can go, go over the entire yard... Then lower the setting by 1/2" to an inch and go over it again, and keep doing that until it's down to 3", wow what an awesome method, unless the grass is up to your knees I mean. No clumping or nothing, just have to ride all over the yard 3-4 maybe 5-6 times and it is done, wham bam.

    With the Wb, it helps to herd the clippings into piles with the Wb, using the right side discharge you ride in a way that it sends the clippings into piles, like so:
    Move to a central area and start out by riding in tight clockwise circles, so you are cutting out a circular section and keep riding outwards and round and round clockwise so the chute is throwing all the clippings to the center and it piles...
    Keep doing that until most or all of the lawn is cut, then grab tarp and rake and deal with the 4-6 piles, take about 20-30 minutes for that, then grab the Wb and ride over the whole thing one last time to ensure a neat finish, blam, you're done (well dont forget string trimming now lol).

    Good luck, it ain't that bad once you get it down a few times.

    Other notes: I'll have to take pics of this Wb clippings pile-method one day, mind you it's still a bit of work but in 4-5 years it's by far one of the more effective deals I figured out.

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