First time landscape design for cheap client

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Victorsaur, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Question number one when I get a design request. How much do you have to spend. Agree with above, they never get the copy of the design. People think its fun for us to be creative and why should they have to pay for us to draw them pictures.
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    I am have a degree in design and it takes so much time for me to create my design especially if it is a master plan for a property instead of just a bed. I will show the designs and 3D perspective and give a proposal for them to think about. I have a client right now I am doing a master plan... they wish to do some them selves and us over time. they are paying for that design and even offered to pay. Can't design for free just like you can't plant, now, and etc. Time is money and I design for paying customers. You will get burnt every once and awhile even my way but you will get burned all the time if you just hand out designs
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  3. Victorsaur

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    Hey all,

    I know this is an old thread but it turns out the potential client decided to waiting game me into calling him and giving a lower price. But I don't negotiate with terrorists so I waited... for a whole month!! Now he has finally e-mailed me saying that his e-mail wasn't working and that he's been traveling (of course)...

    MY question to the most experienced install bidders is... given his history with me trying to punk me into a lower price should i do what he requested in his e-mail? He wanted a more detailed price breakdown. I don't want to give him the opportunity to over scrutinize me and maybe I could just give him something rough... but the bottom line is this: I know that I provide high quality work and I think he does too. He's not going to get the same quality for a better price, period. He also asked for proof of liability insurance which I don't have. Any advice is appreciated.

    My gut instinct was to not give him a price breakdown and explain that there are so many unknown factors like are there rocks in the soil? What types of amendments will I need to provide to give the best drainage 1 ft. deep? My bid is an educated guess based on 4 yrs. experience. I could either tell this to him or give him a rough price breakdown. I could really use this job for my website since it's my first install job but I have a bottom line too and cheapskates are expendable!

    Thanks for listening and any advice that you may have,

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    id say get liability insurance before anything else. Mines around $750.00 a year for 2 million dollar general liability. worth every penny and of course a write off.
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    I do designs for free, if you want a copy of it is $500. After that it's yours to do with as you wish. Install it yourself, have someone else install it, whatever. If you have my company do the work the $500 is treated as a deposit.
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    It depends on what other business you have.
    If you have no other business, you can either spend the time on him, or you can spend the time passing out flyers lol.
    Don't expect to be respected. No matter what you do or who you are people will not always treat you the way you like or do what you like. The thing that is important is personally that you do not disrespect anyone and that in your business you behave professionally and courteously and perform your duties as you would with any other client.

    That being said, when there is an unreasonably cheap client, I have started to just let them go if they want to waste too much of my time.

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