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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowingmary, May 9, 2007.

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    It's taken a lot of time and money, but I'm going to take responsibility for my mower. Impossible to locate qualified mechanic that isn't a 3 week wait for repairs and maintenance. My 720K Grasshopper with 20HP Kohler has 900 hours. It seems that every time I use it, there is a problem. I'm learning as I go. Tonight I'm changing the spindle bearings that are wore. Yes I grease regularly, but non-qualified, available mechanic told me that the bearings in deck were sealed and didn't require greasing. Like I said, I'm learning. Actually reading the owner's manual does wonders!

    OK, my question is.... How many hours can I expect to get out of my grasshopper? I use it semi-commercially. I own rental properties, mobile home park, and farm that equals about 10 acres total. I like this mower and I'm very good to it, but I've turned my back to the grasshopper company. Maintenance advice, repairs and parts are too difficult to locate and too expensive. Before I give this older mower more of my heart and soul, should I be shopping for replacement? Thanks for any input.
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    Sounds like you already answered your own question.....

    If is starting to give problems and at 900 hrs. it may be time to move on to another brand.

    To keep this thread from turning into a "brand" pissin match you should go on your own and Demo Demo Demo all the brands in your area and pick the one that most fits YOUR needs and requirements.

    Good Luck

    Oh, Welcome to LawnSite !!!
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    Yeah but if you've never done any mechanical stuff then this mower probably would be a great opportunity to teach yourself some basics and beyond.

    You think a 3 week delay is bad, try 6 months!!! It only happened one time, 3-4 months is normal thou and that one time tested my patience so good that nowadays I don't see the dealer no more, apparently they have enough business so I help alleviate them of this problem.

    I do all my own repairs anymore, spindle bearings are not that bad but they take time and special tools, there's about 12 steps involved and it's roughly like CV joints in difficulty: If you know what you're doing, 1-2 hours...
    But first time around, a whole day easy.

    Still, by the time the dealer gets around to fixing my stuff, I done had it fixed myself and see it don't bother me if a machine sits around for a month or three before I can get myself to take a look at it, because I know it's still faster than the dealer.

    Good luck.

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    Thatz part of it,always down keep the mower and buy a backup everthing is going to tear up itz part of it.
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    You can buy a spindle assembly and change it out. Then rebuild the old one when the snow is flying. Then you'll always have a rebuilt spindle for a quick repair. It's good to have an extra set of blades ready to go on too.
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    I have alwase wondered can you over grease these spindles on the grasshoppers? How much should i grease mine i do it every time i use the machine because i use it 6+ hours at a time when i do use it. I usualy put 2 pumps in each this too much? not enough?

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